Patient Journey: Track the Sequence of Care from Point of Access to Outpatient Care

To find out which HCPs are actively treating patients in a therapeutic area, you’ll want access to more than just publication information. To really dig in, you need access to the wealth of information that lies within claims data.

H1’s Claims Data monitors nearly 4 million HCPs by tracking over 3-billion diagnosis codes (ICD) along with 2-billion procedure codes. This feature, combined with H1’s extensive database on HCP scholarly work, gives users the insights to KOLs that most existing solutions are unable to provide. Helping you engage and understand HCPs better than ever.

With our NEW Claims Data, we give our users an even deeper understanding of HCPs and HCOs!

One of those new data points is: Patients Journey. The Patient journey is the detailed path a patient takes from entering into the medical ecosystem to achieving wellness. Along the path, there are often several stops with various specialists and potential pitfalls of misdiagnosis. H1’s data can enable users to shortcut the patient journey by pulling the appropriate HCP data for those critical junctures of care when an alternative treatment option may be most effective. Having access to this type of data helps users improve their patient outcomes which will drive wellness and HCP adoption.

Now, MSLs can quickly understand those places where the patient journey is going off path better than ever. In finding and targeting those locations, MSLs can greatly improve their impact on the networks fo HCPs they service.

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