Healthcare Sales Enablement Insights for MedTech

Given the complexity of MedTech, sales teams need all the leverage they can get. You can find this with sales enablement. Healthcare sales enablement could revolutionize how you prospect. While healthcare is sometimes slower to adopt new tactics or strategies, trends show that healthcare sales enablement investment is growing. The industry, like many others, has recognized the value of sales enablement tools and how they can lead to better engagement with prospects.

In this post, we’ll be defining sales enablement as well as providing four best practices for MedTech teams to embrace.

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of providing a sales team with the information, content, and tools needed to sell more effectively and efficiently. When the right people have the right components, the sales cycle is much more seamless. The key for sales enablement is providing salespeople with engaging assets that their target audience will find compelling and move them further toward conversion.

One key element of sales enablement is that it’s really more about the buyer than sales. Ultimately, you need to provide sales with resources the buyer actually wants. Another major part of successful sales enablement is having the right technology to support it. According to Sales Management Association (SMA), organizations that lagged in adopting sales technology saw their sales goal achievement drop by 12%.

So, what sales enablement best practices should your MedTech team follow? Here are four ways you can enhance sales enablement for the best results.

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Centralize Customer Data

Customer data is extremely valuable to your sales process. If it’s in multiple platforms or worse yet on scraps of paper on desks, then it’s not going to be able to deliver vital insights. Where does customer data belong? Your CRM. So, it needs to be easy for sales reps to input data and view it.

Many salespeople loathe CRMs because the processes are too bulky, or they find it a waste of time to use it. What can you do to drive efficiency here or prove to your reps there is value in using it?

If you can eliminate data entry, that will be a win. Instead, let technology do the heavy lifting of appending data to Salesforce for new providers entered. Customize your settings to reflect your unique sales process. You’ll also want to ensure your CRM integrates with your other tools for easy importing of data.

Next, your data must be clean. Inaccurate data won’t help your sales team if they spend too much time chasing prospects with wrong contact information. In healthcare, physicians move around frequently, so scrub your accounts and contacts regularly, so that your team can feel confident that what’s in your CRM is true.

You may also want to consider the tasks you are issuing to your sales team about the data they should enter in the CRM. By streamlining forms and optimizing workflows, you reduce the clicks and improve adoption.

Finally, remind your team that help is available from within sales and also marketing. They can tap into the expertise of others, learning more about how to use tools, overcome common objections, and how to escalate critical issues.

Develop Customizable Content for Every Buyer

Content is the foundation of sales enablement. But healthcare buyers are savvy and smart. They don’t want generic content. They want something specific to their challenges. Your sales team can become a trusted partner with data-driven custom content that speaks to them and makes them feel assured that your solution is the best fit for them.

By using the most current data and information, sales reps will be able to develop on-demand the content they need that will make prospects want to look further. The key to this aspect of sales enablement is the technology to make it happen.

Sales must also have easy access to this content for it to work. Thus, you need to have the right foundation that regularly refreshes so that the presentations the rep presents at meetings is timely and relevant to that provider.

Deliver Market Data Seamlessly

Market data in healthcare is always changing. Healthcare is a local industry, and it can often be hard to track regional dynamics. You can better enable sales reps by delivering market data that they can use. Along with having access to current market data, it’s also important to understand your share of the market by provider type and then map that share against potential. Something like Carevoyance’s territory manager can help you make use of this data effectively.

With this kind of analysis, you can more strategically target providers. So why does understanding market share and potential matter? Because this gives sales a blueprint for what’s available in the market and can also help them manage more their time more efficiently.

Consider if you knew that the market was very fragmented for a particular specialty and that your specific market share was less than 5%. Having this knowledge could help sales find opportunities to better prospect that specialty with customized content and campaigns.

Again, this another area where technology and a clean stream of data is necessary for optimal sales enablement.

Connect Sales with the Right Contacts

Sales won’t make much progress if they don’t have the right contacts. Beyond the data you have in Salesforce, you need a plan for generating new contacts for your team. With integrated contact data, your reps will be able to focus on the best opportunities. And they’ll know that the information is accurate and up to date.

Reps will no longer have to spend hours trying to find the right person to call. They can, instead, be more productive and connect with those buyers who have a real need for your solution. With this type of data, your reps will immediately hone in on decision-makers and should a physician move or a facility close, you’ll have automatic updates that have been verified.

Ready to put these best practices in healthcare sales enablement into practice? Get started today with Carevoyance and learn how we can help empower your sales team.

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