Research Collection: Opioid Addiction

We’re delighted to launch the fourth Faculty Opinions Essential Reading collection: Opioid Addiction.

“Opioid abuse and addiction are major global health issues today. This collection aims to collate notable research on how opioid drugs affect the brain and body, and can lead to potentially devastating addiction, to help tackle this problem.”

Kent Berridge, University of Michigan, USA

Case Study: Composable Intelligence for Key Opinion Leader Strategy and Engagement
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With 16 million cases of opioid addiction and opioid abuse disorder worldwide, understanding the mechanisms of action and the impact of these drugs on the human mind and body is critical in ensuring responsible and appropriate use in healthcare settings and interventions.

This expertly curated Essential Reading collection brings together the latest cutting-edge research in the field and provides readers with expert opinion on the work that is having the biggest impact in addressing this global issue.

The Essential Reading collection is fully searchable and can be filtered and sorted by:

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Discipline
  • Thematic classifications (e.g. changes clinical practice)
  • Article type
  • Pre-prints
  • Publication date
  • Rankings and other metrics
  • Keeping you up to date

The collection is regularly updated making sure you never miss a key piece of Opioid Addiction research. Check back regularly to see what’s new in the research community.

To explore further, have a listen to episode 11 of our Towards Health podcast where we interview some of our Faculty Members about the work they did evaluating research for the COVID-19 Essential Reading collection.

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