ProPharma Announces Strategic Partnership with H1 to Optimize R&D with AI, Data Insights and Analytics

RALEIGH, NC, May 9, 2023, ProPharma Group (ProPharma), the world’s largest Research Consulting Organization (RCO) and a portfolio company of Odyssey Investment Partners, and H1, a leading healthcare intelligence and analytics provider, today announced a strategic partnership to optimize research and development with AI, data-driven insights and analytics.

As the leading global provider of regulatory, clinical and compliance services for the life sciences industry, the collaboration combines ProPharma’s global R&D capabilities with H1’s robust, real-world data platforms and analytics. With access to real world data covering over 240m patient lives, the partnership with H1 is a critical enabler of ProPharma’s newly introduced RCO model to provide drug and device innovators valuable insights throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Michael Stomberg, ProPharma’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are excited to join forces with H1, as this partnership will enable us to bolster our ability to provide data-driven insights to accelerate drug development, reduce costs for our clients, and deliver life-changing therapies to patients in need. By continuing to invest in building the world’s largest RCO and combining our deep domain expertise with H1’s data analytics capabilities, we are poised to make a significant impact in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Ariel Katz, CEO of H1, said: “This collaboration represents a new era of drug development, where real-world data and advanced analytics play a crucial role in guiding research and development efforts. We are confident that our partnership with ProPharma will lead to the discovery and development of innovative therapies that will transform patients’ lives.”

AI has proven to be an incredibly powerful tool in the pharmaceutical industry, and both ProPharma and H1 are committed to leveraging this technology to process data faster, decrease the time needed in the development process and discover new ways to ensure safety, measure results, and optimize for future application. ProPharma’s partnership with H1 will produce a first-in-industry artificial intelligence-enabled solution to accelerate and enrich decision-making throughout a program’s lifecycle.

About ProPharma

For the past 20 years, ProPharma has improved the health and wellness of patients by providing advice and expertise that empowers biotech, med device, and pharmaceutical organizations of all sizes to confidently advance scientific breakthroughs and introduce new therapies. As the world’s largest RCO (Research Consulting Organization), ProPharma partners with its clients through an advise-build-operate model across the complete product lifecycle. With deep domain expertise in regulatory sciences, clinical research solutions, quality and compliance, pharmacovigilance, medical information, and R&D technology, ProPharma offers an end-to-end suite of fully customizable consulting solutions that de-risk and accelerate our partners’ most high-profile drug and device programs.

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About H1

H1 connects the world to the right doctors. As the leading source of truth for global clinical and scientific information, H1 leverages next-gen analytics and AI to democratize access to HCP data, diversity insights, and groundbreaking research for life sciences, academic medical institutions, health systems, and payors.

The H1 data platform fuels a robust enterprise product suite that supports the advancement of healthcare innovation and equity. Today, more than 250 customers trust H1 to stay current with the latest information on HCPs everywhere, from clinical work and scholarly research to digital spheres of influence. H1 enables the meaningful connection with thought and treatment leaders to improve adherence to evidence-based medicine, inform inclusive clinical trial design, provide access to groundbreaking science, accelerate time to market, and ultimately, advance health equity.

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