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Connect with providers, find clinical research, locate industry experts, benchmark your organization, and understand the competitive landscape with H1.

Our solutions are the foundation for a healthier future because they help:

Create a more diverse and equitable drug development and care delivery ecosystem.

Advance the acceleration of novel therapies and groundbreaking treatments that can change the disease trajectory for millions of people across the globe.

Connect Pharma & Biotech to the healthcare providers, institutions, and influencers that can collaborate to advance medicine.

Open access and pathways to the greatest minds in science, medicine, and biology through research reviews.

Use Cases

  • Highlight key diversity metrics of providers and distinguish principal investigators (PIs) taking a high interest in or treating diverse and underrepresented patient populations.
  • Leverage diversity and inclusion networks, patient population pools, industry payments and collaborations, and influence networks to differentiate PIs from key opinion leaders (KOLs).
  • Receive trustworthy updates on the latest healthcare provider (HCP) activities and auto-generated cheat-sheets for HCP interactions with key talking points including beliefs, areas of interest, relevant tweets, and more.
  • Receive intelligent, timely push notifications, including text reminders before HCP meetings.
  • Access article recommendations and opinions from hard-to-reach KOLs and scientific influencers.
  • Empower field teams to act as therapeutic experts and focus on HCP interests by enabling headquarters to develop targeted campaigns and talk tracks on important, upcoming or influential topics.
  • Find and track new and rising-star thought leaders in the treatment areas (TAs) which are most active on Twitter by reach and social influence.
  • Leverage sentiment analysis provided by therapeutic experts to understand shared beliefs or identify rising stars.
  • Understand access to and treatment history of relevant patient populations.
  • Discern treatment focus, patient volumes and treatment area direction for HCPs, healthcare entities, congresses, societies, and insurance companies based on procedure and diagnoses experience.

We accelerate clinical impact within the life sciences and across the healthcare ecosystem.

Graphic showing information in circles connected by lines
Graphic showing information in circles connected by lines

How We Help

Medical Affairs

Identify KOLs and rising stars for advisory boards, involvement in clinical trials, publications, congresses, and industry collaborations.

Empower field teams to establish meaningful scientific collaboration and headquarters to strategize more effectively.

Enable patient journey mapping with access to billions of claims.

Senior female doctor speaking with patient
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Clinical Development

Identify sites with high capacity to enroll underrepresented patient groups to build more diverse clinical trials.

Understand how a group of clinical trial sites performed in the past on similar trials and home in on the institutions that have the right makeup relative to your clinical needs.

Industry Benefits

Depth of Claims Across U.S. & Europe

Depth of Claims Across U.S. & Europe

We provide access to billions of procedure codes and more than three million diagnosis codes, representing approximately 200 million patients annually.

Diversity Data for HCPs and Patient Populations

Diversity Data for HCPs and Patient Populations

We provide a holistic view of diversity both in terms of statistical facets (age, gender, ethnicity) and diversity of thought (advocacy, influence, and outreach) in one intuitive platform.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Seamless Integration Capabilities

We can seamlessly integrate with third party systems and ingest client specific data into our platform for a consistent and workflow friendly experience.

Deep Expertise

Deep Expertise

Our strategic solutions can replace consulting budgets and maximize data insights.

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies

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“The partnership with H1 has allowed us to gather important data sources all in one system. What once took us 400 hours was reduced to 40 hours.”

VP, Strategic Initiatives | Top 20 Pharma Company