Connecting Doctors & NGOs for Global Health Impact

Bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to empower medical missions and humanitarian work worldwide.

H1 Connect is building a global health network. We’re leveraging H1’s extensive relationships with 250+ life sciences, healthcare, and non-governmental organizations, connecting doctors with volunteer, emergency response, capacity building, and other healthcare opportunities worldwide.

Medical Professionals

Healthcare professionals can build profiles and access global health training and resources through H1’s partners. They can also collaborate with like-minded medical peers, and apply to join NGO “ready reserve” rosters or specific medical missions via a marketplace of global health opportunities.

Non-Governmental Organizations

NGOs can deploy medical missions rapidly, with diverse, qualified, ready healthcare professionals. H1 supports NGOs in the recruitment, engagement, and management of their medical rosters, leveraging H1’s global network of ready healthcare professionals.

Our Partners

 We collaborate with an expanding network of leading international NGOs and other organizations to manage and recruit for their emergency health rosters:

Our NGO Partners

We collaborate with leading international NGOs to manage and recruit for their emergency health rosters:

Recent Medical Missions

Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

H1 partnered with four NGOs in the World Health Organization’s Health Cluster to help them staff qualified healthcare professionals (both locally and internationally) for their Emergency Medical Teams deploying to Gaza for humanitarian aid.

Israel Hospital Volunteers

After the tragic terrorist attack on October 7th, H1 helped multiple hospitals connect with volunteer physicians in the United States interested in short-term volunteering.

3,400+ Healthcare Professionals Signed Up To Date

Voices of Impact

Testimonials from doctors, NGOs, and hospitals.


“Working with H1 Connect in an emergency conflict, I love it. You will feel like you are doing something, you are really helping people.” (3.22.24)

Dr. Modether Jadarabab

H1 Connect Member added to Save the Children Roster


“H1 was the exact partner we needed to help us recruit doctors to fill critical shortages in our hospital after the October 7, 2023 tragedy. After a short discovery call to understand our needs, H1 leveraged their platform to identify and screen highly qualified doctors who, despite the unique circumstances, were able to join our hospital within days. They made the process easy, and significantly reduced the time required for us to recruit doctors. They were also able to help streamline the administrative issues involved. I highly recommend partnering with H1!”

Dr. Caine

President – Herzog Hospital, Israel


“My experience with H1 was amazing. They connected me with a hospital in Israel, took care of all the logistics, and supported me throughout the process. They made me feel at ease, and knowing that they ‘had my back’ was very reassuring.”

Dr. Noa Schwartz

A Rheumatologist from New York who used H1 to volunteer at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem.


“For all doctors around the world, volunteering with H1 Connect in Gaza will save a lot of lives…Every day we lose persons, we lose one of our families and most of it is due to lack of specialists, lack of hospital, lack of beds.”

Dr. Ahmed Al-Nabris

General Practitioner in Palestine and H1 Connect Member


“H1 Connect has already proven invaluable for our medical volunteer roster recruitment. Within just 72hrs, H1 was able to connect us with 2 highly qualified trauma surgeons to fill a last minute gap on our medical deployment to Ukraine. H1’s global reserve roster of healthcare professionals is needed to improve humanitarian response activities globally, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.”

Volunteer Coordinator

Global Response Medicine


“H1 has been a pleasure to work with, and we are very excited by the potential for H1 to support our Emergency Health Unit (EHU) roster management. We want the healthcare professionals on our roster to have prior medical mission experience with other NGOs. H1’s platform allows healthcare professionals to gain that experience by presenting them with opportunities to join multiple rosters and medical missions from a diverse group of NGOs.”

Simen Berger

EHU Roster Manager at Save the Children, an international NGO

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