Democratizing connected healthcare data.

Connecting the world with the right doctors starts with connecting healthcare data. The H1 platform is the global source of truth on which our product suite is built. Aggregating public, proprietary and other unique data sources – H1’s platform delivers insights that help our customers impact patients faster.

Democratizing the power of connected healthcare data.

Healthcare has no borders – neither should the data we depend on to create a healthier future.

Across our multiple solutions and throughout our expansive repository, H1 provides global intelligence and unparalleled access to public, proprietary and contributory healthcare data. We do this by collecting data from local as well as global sources, such as country-specific healthcare professional (HCP) repositories, Clinical Trial Management Systems, local publications, and niche regional congress presentations. This information is leveraged by pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies and other healthcare organizations to ensure their teams are connected to the right doctors. These connections help get life-saving therapies to patients around the world faster.

H1’s platform fuels our ability to help Medical Affairs, MSLs, Clinical Operations and Commercial teams understand the KOL landscape and the broader industry improve provider data quality.

Offering Healthcare Information of Unparalleled

Breadth and Depth

Patients Publications Clinical Trials Twitter Activity Expert Opinions Claims Organizations Congresses HCPs LinkedIn Integrations Patient data on close to 240 million patients Over 25 million publications and 53M+ speaker to publication connections Over 500,000 clinical trials across 800,000 facilities around the globe and close to 170,00 sponsors Over 54M Tweets from 34K+ HCP Twitter handles and 3k institution handles 300K expert recommendations across 40+ life science areas Over 11 billion claims across US, Europe, and globally Over 596k organizations including, Societies and Associations 986K speakers mapped to 950+ congresses collected annually Over 10 million HCPs around the globe 353K integrated LinkedIn profiles

Why healthcare partners with H1.

The global healthcare data and analytics market is opaque and highly fragmented. Spreadsheets and point solutions are used by different stakeholders for similar reasons dragging down scientific and medical progress.

Culling, curating and pulling constantly changing data together can take months, if not years – time customers don’t have.

Drug development cycles lack diversity as a result of limitations to information highlighting diverse provider and patient demographics.

There is no single place for industry to connect with providers, find clinical research, locate industry experts, benchmark their organization and compare with competitors.

Health plans and patients need greater visibility into doctors, their affiliations, and where they practice.

Vast data sources. Infinite intelligence.

AUTO COLLECTION Publications Organizations (Hospitals, Universities, Societies, etc.) HCP / Payment Registries Conferences Clinical Trials Client Data Proprietary Data Data Science Enrichment Research Manual Curation Manual Collection Technology used: fast web crawling and information extraction; connectors.

Attributes of the H1 Platform

Unique & Accessible

Unique & Accessible

Facilitated access to a proprietary repository that continuously improves as data sources update & expand.

Agile & Purpose-built

Agile & Purpose-built

Each product built on H1’s platform is a unique expression of our robust data repository that meets evolving customer needs.

Impactful & Proven

Impactful & Proven

Our solutions make our customers smarter, drive workflow efficiency and operational excellence, accelerate commercial success, and facilitate access to ground breaking medicine for millions of patients.


Singular Source of Truth

Singular Source of Truth

H1’s platform maintains the most comprehensive, constantly updated datasets and pulls from proprietary sources of strength including self-reported HCP data and a vast library of expert recommendations and opinions.

360-Degree Views of HCPs and the Ecosystem in Which they Operate

360-Degree Views of HCPs and the Ecosystem in Which they Operate

H1’s platform combines data science and technology to contextualize and connect disparate sources of information, including claims data, HCP’s clinical and scholarly work, published research, and key expert opinions.


Configurable Intelligence for Meaningful Expert Engagement

Configurable Intelligence for Meaningful Expert Engagement

H1’s platform serves as the foundation for a robust portfolio of vertical solutions that are tailored to meet the needs of key customer functions including Medical Affairs, Medical Science Liaisons, Clinical Operations, Feasibility teams, Academic & Research Institutions, Payors and Digital Health companies.

H1’s platform is the foundation for our suite of products that connect our customers to the right doctors.

R&D Pipeline Acceleration and Clinical Trial Design

Global Health Network for Medical Missions

KOL Engagement, Medical Education & Outcomes Measurement

Enable Patient Access to the Right Providers

Trial Landscape screenshot

Trial Landscape

Profile diverse doctors and sites to accelerate diverse patient enrollment to clinical trials.

H1 Connect

The network of healthcare professionals providing humanitarian aid around the world.

HCP Universe screenshot

HCP Universe

Inform every HCP interaction; streamline KOL identification & mapping; and strengthen strategic planning.

Precise screenshot


Streamline provider data management & improve provider directory accuracy.