Our Culture

Who and What We Are

This is what we’re doing

Our mission is to create a healthier future.

We do this by facilitating access to global expertise, ground-breaking research, discoveries, and connected insights for all–doctors, research, industry, and patients–bringing everyone closer together.

This is who we are

We’re a team of people building products that help solve difficult problems in healthcare. We work through complex challenges every day, navigating ambiguity, wrestling with uncertainty, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible–all while caring deeply about one another and the people we seek to help.

Our Values

Start with the User

When our users succeed, we succeed. User success leads to better medical research, better patient care, and healthier people everywhere in the world. We start by deeply understanding our users and apply our knowledge to create solutions that exceed user expectations. For every decision, we ask, “How does this impact our users?”

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People Matter

We believe that employee health and morale are directly correlated to the success of our business. We aim to find or shape roles for people that will help them thrive in their careers and lives. We expect that H1ers put as much rigor into improving our organization as we do our business. If there is something at H1 that needs to change, we don’t accept the notion that “this is how we’ve always done it.”

Know Why

We ask “why?” We don’t do anything just because “someone said so” or “it felt right”; we know why before taking action or investing time.

We give context, set clear goals, use independent judgment, and are intentional about trade-offs. We readily share information that will empower our team to make better decisions. The question is rarely if we should share, but how we share. We make decisions that are in the best interest of H1 because we know the details of our business, explore anecdotes, and interrogate conventions.

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Be Quick, but Don’t Rush

Our mission is pressing, and our pace reflects that. However, we still sweat the correctness of our decisions, because our customers depend on us. We slow down appropriately to get right critical decisions that have long-term implications. We value outcomes over activity. We are clear about trade-offs. We focus on a few key priorities and deliver them with quality and on time. We are always looking for ways to work more efficiently so we can focus on producing the best results.

Beautiful Polished Rocks

We believe feedback and friction are necessary to produce well-polished individuals and results, like rocks polished in a tumbler. So we embrace friction. We speak up candidly and respectfully to vet ideas and share concerns. We preview unpolished work so we can iterate quickly with new information. We are proactive about asking for and giving feedback, even when uncomfortable, and we always assume the best intent. Feedback is everyone’s job and the hallmark of a trusting team.

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One Team

This is our company, and we operate together with a single vision: to build a healthier future. We are intentional about creating a high-accountability, no-blame culture. Each of us is responsible for making decisions as owners: prioritizing the whole over any part, embracing doing good along with doing well, and realizing that we win more when we move forward together.