Our enterprise solutions inform decisions that move evidence-based medicine from bench to bedside.

We are a market leader for our comprehensive product suite spanning Clinical, Medical Affairs, Commercial, and other teams within the life sciences. Different verticals including payors and health systems also benefit from our connected universe of HCP data and healthcare information.

Our AI-enabled healthcare data platform, serves as the foundation for a robust portfolio of vertical solutions tailored to meet the needs of essential customer functions, including medical affairs, medical science liaisons, clinical operations, commercial, feasibility teams, payors, and digital health companies.

R&D Pipeline Acceleration and Trial Design

Global HCP & Medical Research Community

KOL Engagement, Medical Education & Outcomes Measurement

Enable Patient Access to the Right Providers

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Profile diverse doctors and sites to accelerate diverse patient enrollment to clinical trials.

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Access clinical trial evaluations and recommendations on the latest research in medicine and life sciences.

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Discover and engage with HCPs.

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Tap into accurate doctor directory data so patients can find the right doctor for them.

These solutions are the starting point for our mission of creating a healthier future because they aid in:

Creating a more diverse and equitable drug development and care delivery ecosystem.

Advancing the acceleration of novel therapies and groundbreaking treatments that can change the disease trajectory for millions of people across the globe.

Empowering clinical trials that positively impact millions of families, whose loved ones suffer from a wide range of devastating conditions.

Connecting a global network of healthcare professionals with a passion for helping in times of humanitarian crisis.

Establishing a new standard in how provider data is managed and disseminated across healthcare so patients can get the care they need when they need it.

We understand healthcare is a global matter. Across our multiple solutions and throughout our extensive repository, H1 provides global intelligence and unparalleled access to critical information. We collect data from local and international sources, such as country-specific HCP repositories, local publications, and niche regional congress presentations.

From HCP data accuracy to KOL identification, clinical trial intelligence, clinical trial diversity to medical research recommendations, our products help connect the healthcare ecosystem to advance evidence-based medicine and improve health equity for everyone.

We prove time and time again to be the superior product in terms for data depth and breadth of HCP and healthcare information. We offer data that no other provider can within the life sciences space. These offerings include European procedure and diagnosis data, diversity and inclusion data, HCP-generated opinions, and HCO benchmarks for comparison.

We understand that to best serve our clients’ needs, we must build flexibility into every offering. One of the significant differentiators we provide is the flexibility of access to data and services.

We focus on the unique needs of each client with whom we partner. This dedicated focus is not merely a mission statement; it is hard coded into the very foundation of our organization. Our strategic solutions engage our client base on their terms to aid with specific initiatives requiring a deeper understanding of the healthcare ecosystem and data created therein.

Recently, a top 3 pharmaceutical company based in Europe compared our dataset against two of the other leading global data vendors offering competitive products. Across more than 90% of the countries compared, H1 was the clear leader in data quality, depth and breadth.

Our suite of solutions connect customers to the global community of healthcare professionals working across our worldwide healthcare ecosystem.

Continuously Updated

Continuously Updated

Our solutions evolve as stakeholders update and expand the platform’s HCP data sources.

Infinitely Intelligent

Infinitely Intelligent

We base our solutions’ configurable intelligence on the connected interactions among users on and out of the platform.

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Composable and Agile

Composable and Agile

Each solution is a unique expression of the curated knowledge contained in the platform, customized and packaged to meet the evolving needs of our customers and their workflows.

Built for Impact

Built for Impact

As we help scientific collaboration and leverage global healthcare data more effectively, we commercialize success and facilitate access to ground-breaking medicine for millions of patients.

Universally Trusted

Universally Trusted

We work with more than 250 leading global healthcare companies to provide the information they need to identify and engage with the right HCPs and KOLs.