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Creating a healthier future by connecting the world with the right doctors.

Access to medicine and healthcare is a basic human right. At H1, we believe access to the best healthcare information is also a basic human right, one that will be more important in the 21st century than ever before. When roughly one-third of all data around the world is generated within the healthcare industry, it’s clear that healthcare data holds massive potential to improve the care everyone receives everywhere.

At H1, our mission is nothing short of creating a healthier future worldwide by unlocking and democratizing global access to critical expertise, HCP information, claims data, ground-breaking research and discoveries, and connected insights for all – doctors, researchers, industry and, ultimately, patients – bringing everyone closer together to advance medicine and clinical outcomes.

Insights derived from H1’s solutions help life sciences and other healthcare organizations accelerate the development, launch, and dissemination of life-saving treatments, drive meaningful engagements with key opinion leaders, and help ensure equitable access to healthcare services.

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies
Trusted by over 250+ leading companies
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Our commitment to creating a healthier future for everyone drives us to build and maintain the most current, accurate, and comprehensive healthcare knowledge base available, as well as the tools and intelligence to extract unparalleled insights to carry global healthcare forward.

Here’s how Co-founder and CEO Ariel Katz sees our impact and potential:

We collaborate across the globe to
improve healthcare for everyone.

Map of H1 locations
Map of H1 locations


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Our Leadership

Ariel Katz

Co-Founder & CEO

Ian Sax

Co-Founder & President

Devin Basinger

SVP People Operations

Lizzy Feliciano

Chief Marketing Officer

Deb Schwartz

Chief Financial Officer

Our Values

Culture at H1 is incredibly important. Our values are more than words on a page. These values are what our employees live out every day as we align to bring our mission of creating a healthier future to life.

Start with the User

Start with the User

When our users succeed, we succeed. User success leads to healthier people everywhere.

People Matter

People Matter

We believe that employee health is directly correlated to the success of H1, so we put as much rigor into improving our organization as we do our business.

Know Why

Know Why

We discover the “why” before taking action on the “what.”

Diamond and rock

Beautiful Polished Rocks

Beautiful Polished Rocks

The best ideas come with friction of diverging opinions and open, constructive feedback.

Be Quick, but Don’t Rush

Be Quick, but Don’t Rush

We move fast but we still sweat the correctness of our decisions, because our customers depend on us.

One Team

One Team

This is our company, and we operate together with a single vision: to build a healthier future for everyone.

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