Connecting the world with the right doctors.

H1 works across the healthcare ecosystem as the trusted source for Healthcare professional information for life sciences, payors, providers, and patients.

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies
Trusted by over 250+ leading companies
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Creating a healthier future by making healthcare information and evidence-based medicine accessible to everyone globally.

Producing data-validated insights to answer
healthcare’s most critical questions.

From bench to bedside, H1’s solutions democratize global healthcare information leading to improved clinical outcomes, workflow efficiency and business impact.

H1 supports Medical Affairs and MSLs with AI-powered and evidence-based HCP interactions. Our platform provides a 360-degree view of key opinion leaders (KOLs) for every treatment area globally to remove workflow redundancies, increase scientific share of voice, and facilitate meaningful KOL engagements that result in strong business and scientific value to patients, HCPs, and their employers.

H1 provides Clinical Operations and Feasibility teams with diversity insights for both Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and their patient populations to make trial participation more equitable. Additionally, leaders can expand their range and understanding of site performance, active and potential investigators and their expertise relevant to areas of interest, and evaluate the global clinical landscape.

H1 synthesizes complex HCP, claims, patient journey data, and more into insights that help medical device companies with territory planning, territory expansion and identification of the most relevant opportunities and messaging.

H1 provides systematic provider data management for commercial, next-gen payors and digital health companies to make sure the patients they serve have access to the doctors they need when they need them.

Researchers, healthcare professionals and academic institutions can access a leading global community of experts and view their recommendations and opinions on the research that is shaping the future of medicine and biology.

Helping claims, diversity data, research, HCP and institution profiles to advance medicine.


data accuracy, breadth, and scale for every U.S. provider

Increase data coverage for

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provider including affiliation, demographics & patient coverage


valuable planning time



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hours a week with more
KOL segmentation and analysis


diversity of PIs leading clinical trials

Investigator diversity increased

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over six months


identification of new KOLs and rising stars

Improve identification by

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across 25+ countries

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