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The trusted source of truth for global healthcare professional (HCP), clinical, scientific, and research information for life sciences, payors, providers, and patients.

H1 has helped Life Sciences companies harness data to:


Discover that 80%+ of their HCPs were not a strategic fit


Increase the Medical Affairs team digital share of voice by 40%


Advance diversity in clinical trials with 50% Hispanic & 30% Black patients

Creating a healthier future by making healthcare information and evidence-based medicine accessible to everyone globally.

Producing data-validated insights to answer
healthcare’s most critical questions.

Enterprise Solutions

H1’s enterprise solutions democratize global healthcare information to inform decisions from bench to bedside

R&D Pipeline Acceleration and Clinical Trial Design

Global HCP & Medical Research Community

KOL Engagement, Education and Market Access

Enable Patient Access to the Right Providers

Trial Landscape screenshot

Trial Landscape

Accelerate time to market with access to diverse PI pools, site performance data and patient diversity insights.

H1 Connect

H1 Connect

Access clinical trial evaluations and recommendations on the latest research in medicine and life sciences

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HCP Universe

Discover and engage with HCPs

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Build territory plans and identify the right opportunities for commercial & marketing teams

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Tap into accurate doctor directory data so patients can find the right doctor for them

For Healthcare Professionals

& Researchers

H1’s free to access platform for expert insights and opinions.

H1 Connect’s community of Global Experts assess the latest medical and life sciences research, keeping users up to date on the advances in their specialty. Access clinical trial evaluations and research recommendations across 300 disciplines and specialties for powerful insights that inform developments for future patient outcomes.

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies
Trusted by over 250+ leading companies
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Connecting life sciences, HCPs, payors and more to AI-enabled data analytics and ground-breaking research that help advance medicine.


data accuracy, breadth, and scale for every U.S. provider

Increase data coverage for

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provider including affiliation, demographics & patient coverage


valuable planning time



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hours a week with more
KOL segmentation and analysis


diversity of PIs leading clinical trials

Investigator diversity increased

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over six months


identification of new KOLs and rising stars

Improve identification by

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across 25+ countries

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