AI-powered KOL Identification & Engagement for Medical Affairs and MSLs.

Drive scientific impact and evidence-based medicine forward while impacting target population outcomes.

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HCP Universe is the leading source of truth for life sciences companies looking to identify, segment, and engage the right KOLs across all treatment areas.

HCP Universe harnesses the power of healthcare information to deliver 360-degree insights on more than 10 million HCPs and KOLs, their clinical and scientific work, industry collaborations, spheres of influence, and social media thought leadership. With HCP Universe, Medical Affairs and MSLs can also understand treatment history of relevant patient populations and more.

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Measure Medical Affairs Impact

Discover, engage and educate HCOs and HCPs that present the greatest opportunity for education.

Create personalized plans to educate HCPs about the latest research and therapies.

Understand and track key performance indicators including share of scientific of voice and sentiment.

Increase Insight-based KOL Engagements

Stay in the know with proactive alerts and push notifications about HCPs and KOLs before scheduled meetings.

Intuitive UI, quickly maps HCP and KOL connections; identifies HCPs and KOLs that work well together; and helps identify HCPs and KOLs that meet specific criteria.

Accelerate Digital KOL Exploration

Find and track new rising stars most active on Twitter by reach and social influence across all treatment areas.

Use sentiment analysis provided by therapeutic area experts to understand shared beliefs or identify up-and-coming KOLs.

Improve Digital & Scientific Share of Voice

Access article recommendations and opinions from hard-to-reach KOLs and scientific influencers.

Empower MSLs to act as therapeutic experts and enable headquarters to develop targeted campaigns.

Access Patient Journey Mapping

Tap into U.S. and European diagnosis and procedure data to discern treatment focus, patient volumes, and treatment area direction for HCPs and KOLs.

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Intelligence to Fuel Scientific Collaboration

H1 designed its intuitive and easy-to-navigate web-based platform with the end user in mind. Medical Affairs and MSLs can tap into a trusted source of data to transform KOL mapping and HCP engagement strategies to successfully deploy treatments that improve the quality of life for people worldwide.

HCP Universe seamlessly blends proprietary, public, industry, self-reported HCP, and patient encounter data in one platform to deliver 360-degree insights into HCPs, KOLs, and the patient populations they serve.

The user-friendly functionality within HCP Universe makes it simple to identify, analyze, filter, sort, tag, and download the critical demographic and scholarly information surrounding HCPs and KOLs of the most significant interest.

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HCP Universe contains an industry-leading scope of valuable information designed to paint an in-depth overview of HCPs, identifying the right thought leaders and rising stars. This dynamic information is available in any given treatment area for company engagements such as advisory boards, publication authors, clinical trial participation, and more.

HCP Universe Helps You

Access Comprehensive & Global Data

Search, filter, sort, and tag medical experts within the world’s most trusted HCP engagement platform, KOL database, and source of healthcare professional information spanning 10M+ HCPs and 10B+ patient-doctor interactions globally.

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Identify Ways to Expand Your Brand and KOL Engagement

Explore and understand an HCP’s social network and academic and research collaborations in addition to new thought leaders and rising stars to maintain a competitive advantage in your treatment area.

Complement Existing Workflows

Receive trustworthy HCP activity updates leveraging custom AI-powered activity feeds & workflows based on public and proprietary knowledge to ensure consistent and meaningful engagements.

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Value Add Modules

U.S. Claims
U.S. Claims

Offers detailed HCP profiles based on billions of U.S. claims.

European Claims
European Claims

Offers detailed HCP profiles based on European claims data, covering more than 12 countries.

Institution Profiles
Institution Profiles

Includes models and profiles of healthcare entities, such as institutions, congresses, societies, insurance companies, and life science companies.

Faculty Opinions
Faculty Opinions

Incorporates access to more than 240K expert medical and science research recommendations.



Receive targeted analysis identifying and tagging the top HCPs across your treatment areas and geographies.

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The generation and communication of accurate medical and scientific information is a crucial activity of Medical Affairs professionals.

Medical affairs experts and MSLs are the conduit for scientific and clinical information flow between the medical community and their organization.

Whether at headquarters or in the field, Medical Affairs and MSLs spend countless hours researching and mapping out HCP engagement strategies to find the right KOLs and other doctors for their needs rather than spending time building key relationships.

HCP Universe eliminates manual efforts by synthesizing complex HCP, claims, and patient journey data to surface relevant insights and conclusions.

Connect Medical Affairs and MSLs with the Right Thought Leaders

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Quickly Find Relevant Insights to Drive Meaningful Engagements

Our proprietary algorithms organize billions of data points to create insights into people and institutions you can’t discover anywhere else. With global coverage of thought and treatment leaders, you can find the right HCP engagement strategies, digital influencers, and rising stars to drive decision-making and increase adherence to evidence-based medicine.

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Maximize Time for Relationship Building

We tailor our AI-powered, out-of-the-box insights to inform MSL and headquarter decisions and create a more innovative notification system to improve and accelerate quality KOL engagement. The insights empower companies to establish more efficient workflows, identify market signals that impact strategic decisions, and help medical field teams drive scientific advancement effectively.

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Adapt Your Search in Seconds

Quickly uncover HCP connections, identify HCPs that work well together, compare and contrast HCPs, and determine if HCPs meet specific criteria. Customizable, one-click search filters can reveal unique HCP segments like prolific publishers, early career influencers, and industry speakers.

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Generate Customized Activity Feeds & Workflows

Experience standardized workflows and customized individual user experiences with composable weekly email digest, custom attributes, and flexible tags with individual user permissions to stay abreast of industry changes.

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