Improve and maintain quality healthcare provider data for better patient outcomes, operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Efficiently manage the ever-changing universe of healthcare provider data so your provider directories are current, provider network management efforts are effective and patients can find the doctors they need when they need them.

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Every day, vital decisions on are made based on faulty data. Patients seeking in-network doctors, organizations making referrals to other providers, and payors looking to invoice and make accurate reimbursements are misled by provider data that is either outdated, incomplete, or flat-out wrong.

Collectively, the healthcare industry spends over $2 billion annually to combat this issue. And yet, estimates say that 50% or more of the data in any given provider directory is inaccurate.

H1 Precise intercedes delivering and maintaining the most current information on HCPs, including contact information, affiliation data, licensing, in-network insurance plans and more.

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Help Patients Find the Doctors They Need

Transform how patients discover, evaluate, and engage doctors

Maintain robust provider networks

Improve network adequacy by ensuring plans have enough specialty coverage based on patient needs

Redefine the Standard for Provider Data Management

Increase data accuracy, breadth, and scale for every U.S. provider

Improve member satisfaction, patient experience, and access to care

Maintain accurate and up-to-date HCP demographics, diversity & inclusion, and contact information

Promote Preventative Care & Streamline Referrals

Reduce costs associated with healthcare referrals and fines due to non-compliance

Minimize Regulatory Non-Compliance

Systematize federal and state requirements for provider directory accuracy

Address needs from regulations and avoid cost burden on payors

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Automated and Systematic Provider Data Management

Poor provider data accuracy threatens access to care and patient outcomes. Patients depend on the information healthcare organizations gather and publish when making decisions regarding who they want engaged in and managing their care. The challenge, however, remains the rate at which a provider’s data changes. This leads to gaping holes in relevant information and inaccuracies that cause negative experiences for members, inaccurate referrals and compounding downstream costs for payors.

H1 Precise updates and manages provider data quality for directory accuracy and network adequacy, and consolidates data points to inform patient decisions. It combines acquired and self-reported data from H1’s influential network of healthcare professionals, which allows customers to benefit from data that comes directly from HCPs.

H1 Precise enables clients to develop highly accurate provider directories while being flexible enough to support their end-users’ unique healthcare needs.

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  • Deliver breadth beyond demographic provider data with a platform that aggregates, validates, and maintains active state licensing and patient coverage, affiliation, office hours, and more.
  • Integrate this provider data solution into the existing technology infrastructure via API or S3 connections for fast and easy access to high-quality provider data.

Utilizing one comprehensive platform, payors and digital health companies can maintain robust provider networks, determine the correct volumes of doctors across specialties based on the needs of patients, and have confidence that patients can find the providers they need.

Precise Helps You

Publish Accurate Provider Directories

Inaccurate provider data poses a significant risk to the healthcare industry’s ability to close gaps in care and drive better patient outcomes. Patients look to the directories published by their health plan as a trusted source of information. Unfortunately, health plans struggle to ensure the fidelity of the information they publish.

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Comply with Regulations

Meet mounting regulatory requirements set forth by regulations like H.R. 133, the Interoperability and Patient Access Rule, and the No Surprises Act (NSA), which protects patients from unauthorized out-of-network billing.

Improve the Patient Experience

Ensure patients have access to the right in-network providers when they need it most.

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Provider data touches every aspect of the healthcare continuum.

Precise offers complete provider coverage, unparalleled data verification, and updates bi-weekly, giving payors and digital health companies competitive marketplace advantages and unmatched benefits from a comprehensive and complete healthcare infrastructure layer.

Customer Benefits

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100% provider coverage

Create a single source of truth for provider directory data ensuring data accuracy, breadth, and integration.

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Updates daily and weekly

Automate manual data processes to lessen the burden on already taxed IT staff.

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1M direct calls made annually

Publish information that has been directly validated via telephone.

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Minimize risk and penalties

Avoid fines associated with the No Surprises Act and other provider data accuracy and quality regulations.

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