Boost Clinical Trials with AI-derived Clinical Trial Site Performance Data, Diversity Insights & PI Profiles.

Uncover a diverse pool of investigators and sites that have access to the right patient population to run a successful clinical trial based on past performance and future indicators. Leverage collective clinical trial performance knowledge by participating in the H1 performance data network.

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Running equitable clinical trials requires access to physicians that treat diverse and underrepresented patient cohorts and sites with previous success.

Trial Landscape fully integrates diversity, inclusion and performance data so clinical trial planning and recruitment strategies are effective and efficient. Trial Landscape combines unmatched clinical trial data and analytics to generate principal investigator and site profiles, deliver unparalleled performance benchmarking and competitive landscape understanding. With Trial Landscape, organizations and clinicians can leverage a global clinical trial knowledge base to unlock outstanding clinical trial performance and outcomes.

Product Spotlight

H1 Performance Data Network

Tap into anonymized and aggregated clinical trial performance data from Clinical Trial Management Systems on at the investigator and site level.

Incorporate Patient Population Analysis

Test and verify hypotheses on patient populations and get baseline measurement.

Understand patient population distribution by age and gender at the state, city, or zip code levels.

Understand Trial Site Performance

Uncover sites accessible to relevant and diverse patient populations.

Discover trial naïve sites.

Understand sites that minimize burden for patients.

Profile Principal Investigators with Access to Diverse Patients

Understand which doctors are currently treating diverse patient populations.

Help meet trial diversity targets.

Support Enrollment at Existing Sites

Leverage surrounding sites and HCPs to uncover referral networks and empower recruitment efforts.

Reduce delays in enrollment of relevant patients.

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Clinical Trial Data & Intelligent Analytics to Make the Work of Clinical Operations Teams Easier

When it comes to the development of new medical treatments and diagnostic tests, clinical trials are an absolute necessity. Yet, despite the billions of dollars and decades spent planning, many clinical trials are unsuccessful due to limited clinical trial data visibility.

A first of its kind, Trial Landscape is an exhaustive clinical trial data repository that incorporates global and local trial registries as well as diversity and inclusion insights to support more representative trial recruitment and engagement.

  • Produce timely and relevant scientific data
  • Use the results of their clinical trials as well as insights from trials being run by other organizations to develop new treatments and drugs
  • Impact patients directly by ensuring proper representation throughout clinical trial phases
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In one comprehensive and intuitive platform, clinical operations and feasibility teams can speed up every step of the clinical process – from early phase clinical research all the way to drug launch – by supporting data-driven decision making based on continuously updated global insights.

Trial Landscape Helps You

Launch Diverse Clinical Trials

Differentiate diverse physicians and target populations who might be eligible to participate in current and upcoming clinical studies.

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H1 screenshot

Draw on a Global Single Source of Truth

Benefit from the most comprehensive clinical trial data available, combining public data, proprietary datasets and private knowledge PIs and sites in one platform.

Deploy Smarter PI and Site Selection Strategies

Compare internal clinical trial intelligence and performance metrics against industry benchmarks to enable more effective engagement and selection strategies for sites and PIs used by competitors and similar study designs.

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Value Add Modules

Empower teams to make impactful decisions that advance medicine.

Data bank
H1 Data Network
H1 Data Network

Combines client-specific data elements (i.e., CTMS data) with H1’s vast HCP data to amplify the impact and insights.

Site Analysis
Site Analysis

Analyze sites by understanding the impact of research taking place there and evaluate their experience, capacity and interest to support clinical trials.

Investigator Profiles
Investigator Profiles

View the experience, capacity and patient access and potential engagement capabilities of investigators of interest.

Diverse circle of people
Diversity & Inclusion
Diversity & Inclusion

Access a number of diversity and inclusion metrics on both providers and their consecutive patient populations.

Performance Benchmarking
Performance Benchmarking

Provides access to aggregated trial performance metrics for PIs and clinical trial sites to create relevant industry benchmarks and drive experience-based decision making.


Services PI-InSite

Distinguish clinical experts among potential principal investigators, delivering a better understanding of healthcare providers and their ability to run a clinical trial for a sponsor. Includes patient coverage and map visualizations of where specific investigators work.

Customer Benefits

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Female doctor

5-8 hrs/wk less time spent on analyzing sites and HCPs

Save time and money by selecting and opening the right sites from the start.

Male doctor

25% increased qualified site and HCP selection pool in three months

Understanding who would be a potential good fit for your trial and if they are currently occupied elsewhere.

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36% increased investigator diversity over six months

Increase diversity in global drug development.

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10M+ HCPs globally

Improve feasibility assessment and selection insights based on performance, academic experience and clinical activity.

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