How to Find Doctors’ Email Addresses for Free

If a physician’s phone system and receptionist are good at their jobs, you probably aren’t getting through to that prospect with a cold call. And although you may be able to find physicians on social media, you may not be able to communicate effectively with them on those platforms. Email is the best option for reaching out to MedTech prospects and getting your message across.

A personalized email allows you to get straight to the point in your subject line and boil down information into an easy read, complete with clear ROI. When used correctly, email gives you the opportunity to capture a physician’s attention with the advantages of your MedTech product and sets the stage for continued engagement.

First, however, you need to actually find the doctor’s email address.

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​If you’re willing to spend the time doing some detective work, there are five ways MedTech sales reps and marketing departments can track down doctors’ email addresses.

    1. Comb Through Websites
      It may be a longshot, but it’s worth a try. Visit the practice or health system website to see if doctor’s contact information is available. Don’t give up if their website doesn’t provide you with direct link to their email address — physicians are pretty careful about advertising their email accounts where spammers or hackers can easily access them.​ An alternative may be to look in the footer or in the website’s menu for supply chain, vendor, or sourcing information. You may only be able to find an email address for an administrator or a management service, or you may only have the option to complete a form. It can’t hurt to follow the instructions, but you may not immediately be able to get in front of the physician you want to speak with.
    2. Perform a Google Search
      ​Again, this may be a longshot, but try entering the doctor’s name alongside “email address” as a search query. If the email address has been published on the internet, it could show up in results. If this simple solution works, it could save you a lot of time trying other avenues!
    3. Use LinkedIn
      For your initial contact, you can invite a physician to connect with you on LinkedIn, and then request an email address to continue to engage with them. Using LinkedIn can be a good strategy if you have an updated profile and company page that includes compelling information about your MedTech systems.Chrome users can also leverage the GetProspect extension, which allows you to find the email address when you visit a prospect’s LinkedIn profile. If you are looking for a large number of leads, you may need to subscribe, however. GetProspect is free for only the first 50 emails you find per month.
    4. Guess
      ​It’s not as random as it sounds. A practice or health system probably uses the same format for all of its email addresses, for example, [firstname][lastname] Searching through the provider’s website may provide you with a clue to the format they use.
    5. Use Free Tools
      If your guess doesn’t work, you can spend more time trying other combinations — or you could use a tool like Email Generator, which allows you to enter the person’s name and their company domain. It then provides you with 50 possible email addresses for that person. It’s a much more systematic way to generate possibilities than making a pencil and paper list.

Once you’ve generated possible email addresses, you can use an email testing tool like Email Checker, which will tell you almost instantly whether the address you entered is valid. It also eliminates the need to send test emails from your account and get a flood of bounce backs, which could possibly flag you as a spammer.

You may also be able to take advantage of these tools that provide you with free (or a limited number of free) results:

  • Hunter, a Chrome extension that allows users to enter a company’s domain name and then provides you with all email addresses listed on the web with that domain.
  • Norbert, which helps Chrome, Gmail and web users, find corporate email addresses and validate emails to preserve your sender reputation. You can find 50 email addresses for free, and then pay as you go.
  • Clearbit Connect, which works with Gmail and Outlook, allows you to search for contacts within a company by name or job title and provides you with email addresses.

The Payoff

​Having a direct line of communication with a prospect from your target audience can be a huge advantage for your MedTech marketing and sales teams. And the time you invest in finding the physician’s email address can also be the first step in a beneficial and profitable long-term partnership.

While you’re welcome to try any combination of the tricks outlined above, wouldn’t you rather have all the emails you need to effectively and efficiently sell your MedTech product to the physicians and hospitals that need it most? Spend less time combing through the archives of the internet and more time closing deals with Carevoyance.

We have rolled out a brand-new feature that allows your sales and marketing reps to access a full physician email database packed with over 350,000 email addresses, plus around 100,000 emails for key contacts (CEOs, Presidents, Chiefs of Nursing, Purchasing Directors, and more) at facilities such as hospitals, surgery centers, rehabilitation centers, etc. Learn how Carevoyance empowers territory planning and execution.

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