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Providing HCPs with quick-to-read insights and expert commentary on clinical trials and research.

Staying abreast of the newest medical research helps doctors give their patients top-notch, proven care that can make a real difference in terms of treatment efficacy and recovery rates. It’s critical for physicians to stay apprised of the most current findings so they can offer the best solutions to those in need.

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Some studies receive tremendous attention when they appear in the most prestigious journals, while others fly under the radar, entering the scientific domain in the pages of lesser known publications. But it’s not necessarily the reputation of the publication that determines which will be the most impactful; each study needs to be evaluated for its potential to improve health outcomes as sometimes the best medical and science research is overlooked.

Expert Research Opinions Matter

Across all therapeutic areas, when domain experts review emerging research and express their opinions on the findings, the broader scientific and medical research community takes notice. What this community needs is a singular, dynamic repository of expert-validated research. Providing access from anywhere around the world to the latest recommended research, systematically curated by highly regarded experts in their field, is the best way to ensure that the best medical and science research receive the attention and discourse it deserves.

Continuously updated. Ever expanding. Always intelligent.

At H1, we see it as our responsibility to bring to light the leading research opinions, curated by the foremost experts in medicine and science. Our community of experts provides a forum where the scientific and medical research leaders can gather to discover, disseminate, and discuss the most important studies that will make a difference in patients’ lives and carry research into the future. We’ve assembled the experts. They’re evaluating and commentating on the latest clinical trials, best medical and science research. You’re staying current on the most promising developments in your field without spending all your time finding and reading every new report.

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H1 Connect, an H1 Community provides:

Curated research findings and insights from over 8,000 global thought leaders and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) including Nobel Laureates and Lasker award winners.

Quick-to-read coverage across major indications with expert analysis of new therapies and current drug developments.

H1 Connect provides HCPs with quick-to-read insights and expert commentary that make it easier than ever for them to keep on top of the research pipeline.

H1 Connect taps experts in their respective therapeutic areas to evaluate the latest clinical trials and research, and amplifies their expertise to transform medical practices.

Ways Life Sciences, HCPs and Researchers benefit from H1 Connect


Access to Global Thought Leaders

Access to Global Thought Leaders

All recommendations and evaluations are free to access, connecting researchers and HCPs in all settings to the insights of Global Thought Leaders.

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Stay Informed

Stay Informed

Quickly find the top ranked research for your therapeutic area of concern. View top all-time or recently published rankings across disciplines or filter down to a specific subject area.

 Connected Community

 Connected Community

Discover recommended research, develop ideas, and identify partners to collaborate with on future research projects and initiatives.