H1 and Lokavant Partner on Data and Analytics to Power Next Generation Clinical Trials

The combination of data and analytics will accelerate pharmaceutical breakthroughs by helping clinical trial teams uncover the best sites and investigators for their trials.

NEW YORK, August 3, 2022 – H1, the connecting force for global HCP, clinical, scientific, and research information, and Lokavant, the leading clinical trial intelligence company, today announced an extensive data-and-analytics collaboration to bring enhanced automated intelligence to drug development. As part of the bi-directional partnership, Lokavant will provide performance data on global trial sites and principal investigators from thousands of studies to supplement H1’s existing Trial Landscape clinical trial repository.

“The trial performance data supplied by the Lokavant-H1 partnership empower enhanced analytics capabilities and data insights which will help clinical teams access the right investigators to run their trials,” said Ariel Katz, H1 CEO and co-founder. “We see a natural symbiosis with Lokavant to put the power of H1 Trial Landscape in the hands of clinical researchers who are bringing new hope to patient populations around the world.”

Lokavant’s trial performance data is linked to the detailed HCP quality and outcome data from H1’s broad repository of investigator experience, and drives the development of advanced analytics for study planning. Furthermore, Lokavant’s data will be complemented with the H1 clinical data elements, powering Lokavant’s predictive models to drive novel insights on site and investigator performance. This partnership generates the most comprehensive data repositories in clinical research on global investigator, site and operational trial data.

“Integrating H1’s unparalleled wealth of clinical trial data sources into our Intelligence platform will provide clinical operations teams with optimal insights needed to plan and execute their clinical studies more effectively, ultimately reducing the time it takes to get life-changing medicines to patients,” said Rohit Nambisan, Lokavant’s CEO and Co-founder. “This truly is a case where, for patients, the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.”

This partnership will also fuel H1’s Trial Landscape platform with novel metrics to help trial teams analyze and profile the best sites for their trial based on trial performance information, experience and patient access. With this approach, trial teams will be able to rapidly identify which investigators have access to the right patient populations, support their commitments to diversity in HCPs and subjects, and profile investigators by their ability to run timely, high quality trials in the relevant indication.

Learn more about how H1 Trial Landscape and Lokavant are creating a more informed and equitable clinical trial landscape and accelerating diverse clinical trials.

About Lokavant

Lokavant is a clinical intelligence platform that improves the time, cost, and quality of trial planning and execution through data-driven analytics applications. Lokavant’s platform aggregates and integrates real-time data from disparate trial data sources, and powers advanced analytics enabled by its compendium of proprietary trial data. The suite of applications built on the platform allows study teams to proactively manage their studies and surface insights, driving efficiencies in all scientific and operational use cases. Email [email protected] to learn more or visit www.lokavant.com.

About H1

H1 is the connecting force for global HCP, clinical, scientific and research information. The H1 Connect platform democratizes access to HCP knowledge and groundbreaking insights for life sciences, academic medical institutions, health systems, and payors. H1 Connect fuels a robust product suite that helps customers discover and engage industry experts, drive equitable research, access groundbreaking science, and accelerate commercial success with the most robust and accurate healthcare professional data. Learn more at h1.co.

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