Revolutionary Revenue

How Can Territory Planning Empower Medical Device Sales Teams?

In the world of healthcare, with all of the new expectations for physician quality scores: value-based payments, improving patient experience and mitigating shrinking revenues – how can medical device teams rethink their revenue and sales strategies?

In this webinar, we talk about how to revolutionize revenue and how data-driven territory alignment can be transformative for medical device sales teams. It’s critical to take a strategic look to ensure commercial success but also to ensure fair and equitable access to care and needed devices and therapies.

This webinar is presented by Anatoly Geyfman, VP, Medical Devices, H1.

Watch the video to:

  1. Learn how to reframe thoughts on revenue considering the various dimensions of territory alignment.
  2. Understand how different go-to-market strategies affect territory alignment and patient access to needed therapies and devices.
  3. Examine examples of successful case studies.
  4. Learn how to use data to drive more equitable territory alignment that brings therapies to patients more efficiently