Towards Health Episode 12: MedTech Year in Review

Don’t miss episode 12 of Towards Health, an H1 Podcast, “MedTech Year in Review with Omar Khateeb.” 2022 was a big year for medical device sales and the med tech industry.

In October, officials with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association its vision for a new pathway for the device review process that will be released in a proposal in the coming months. The article said that CMS would expand medical device coverage with evidence development that allows Medicare to cover technologies, including medical devices, on the condition that the product is used in clinical studies approved by the agency.

CMS laid out some of the principles the pathway is expected to include, such as that it will be voluntary and only be limited to devices that are relevant to the Medicare population. This was just one of the far-reaching changes for this industry. In episode #12 of the Towards Health podcast, Anatoly Geyfman, VP, Medical Devices at H1 was joined by industry expert, Omar Khateeb, Founder at Khateeb & Co joins to discuss a MedTech year in review as well as his thoughts on last year and predictions for 2023.

Listen to discover:

  • Khateeb’s background.
  • The three greatest industry or regulatory influences on the medical device or med tech industry this year
  • How he thinks data and innovation have changed how med tech sales teams function
  • How hospital financials are impacting med tech
  • How clinician or clinical worker burnout has affected med tech efforts
  • The three best skills a med device rep can develop in the next year to succeed through a potential recession
  • Khateeb’s number one prediction for the med tech industry in 2023

Listen now.