Payor Mix: Understanding How Patients Receive Care and Who Pays for it

H1’s claims data monitors nearly 4 million HCPs by tracking over 3-billion diagnosis codes (ICD) along with 2-billion procedure codes. This feature, combined with H1’s extensive database on HCP scholarly work, gives users the insights to KOLs that most existing solutions are unable to provide. Helping you engage and understand HCPs better than ever.

With our new claims data, we give our users an even deeper understanding of HCPs and HCOs!

One of those new data points is: Payor Mix. Payor mix is the detailed data surrounding an HCP or HCOs mix of insurance companies being supported by said HCP/HCO. Understanding Payor mix can provide a plethora of valuable insights to those individuals working on developing partnerships between industry and HCPs. By using this data, the pharma companies can better leverage their relationships with those HCPs giving them the right combination of influence within the larger industry.

H1 knows this data and information will help pharma companies get the products they have available to the market in a more timely fashion. By getting the right HCPs involved in the decision making process for formulary committees or other purchasing entities, pharma companies can greatly improve their desired strategic commercial outcomes

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