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Who Is Dr. Naveed Sattar?‍

Dr. Naveed Sattar is a top healthcare professional specializing in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Disease. He is renowned for his work in diabetes. According to the University of Glasgow, where he works, “He is known for his epidemiology work in diabetes, working primarily with Scottish, Swedish, English colleagues but also others around the world. He has been a key participant in relevant Emerging Risk Factor Collaborative papers as well as leading other local papers within his own group.

‍What Is His Specialty? ‍

According to The Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr. Sattar’s specialties include “cardiometabolic” expertise covering trials, biomarkers and epidemiology to aid diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

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‍What Work Is He Currently Doing? ‍

Dr. Sattar is currently a Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences at the University of Glasgow. He is also an Honorary Consultant in Metabolic Medicine at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. Dr. Sattar is currently leading five clinical trials regarding heart failure, insulin, diabetes and one regarding the coronavirus’s effect on the heart and lung.

‍Social Media Presence‍

Dr. Sattar is not as engaged on social media. His Linkedin has less than 10 connections, as well as less than followers. He does not have a Twitter account. From his contributions and studies, Dr. Sattar has 15,800 total social media mentions!

What Is His Research Background? ‍

At present, Dr. Sattar has co-authored a total of 1,469 publications throughout the span of his career. These publications have been cited 94,300 times. He has led or participated in 36 total clinical trials. The top conditions for the trial have been Diabetes Mellitus, as well as Type 2 diabetes. The top interventions have been Candesartan and Placebo.


H1 commends Dr. Sattar’s passion and efforts in cardiology and endocrinology, and the impact that his research has had in the medical field. We excitedly await additional updates from his trials, his work, and his positive impact in the cardiology and endocrinology space, and we thank him for his contributions. See how HCP Universe can uncover actionable information about other key opinion leaders like Dr. Sattar.

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