Effective Strategies to Identify Undiscovered Key Opinion Leaders

Establishing Relationships with New Key Opinion Leaders

Identifying and establishing value-added peer-to-peer relationships with undiscovered key opinion leaders is an important part of the success of MSLs and Medical Affairs. The right evidence-based insights will reveal not only HCPs, their work and their patient populations, but also their spheres of influence and digital reach.

The pandemic really accelerated a process that was already beginning in pharma — a move toward increased virtual interactions and digital outreach. This caused a swift rise in the number of Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs), who quickly found ways of getting their latest findings out into the public domain for broader consumption and discussion with their peers.

Staying Compliant with Key Opinion Leader Engagement Strategies

It’s not only about identifying these KOLs and DOLs in an effective manner, but also in a compliant manner. Most MSLs do not have the time to filter through the vast amount of activity taking place on social media platforms 24/7, where a lot of healthcare thought leaders are now sharing their research and expert opinions. So, the right tools can help MSLs be both compliant and efficient in their daily workflows.

In this presentation, Alyssa Vaysman, Medical Science Liaison, LEO Pharma and Nayanica Banerjee, Sr. Manager Client Solutions/Strategy, H1 discuss best practices for finding and engaging healthcare key opinion leaders and influencers in our digital world.

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