H1 Wraps Up 2021 with Gratitude

2021 was a year of enormous change around the world, as we learn to live and work in new ways. For H1, it was also a year of enormous growth, on several dimensions: our product portfolio, our staff and our customer base.

Demand for healthcare data continues to grow quickly, and H1 customers are continually expanding their use of the H1 network for new purposes and in new clinical areas. Our Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) grew by 250 percent in 2021, and as quickly as we added new customers, our current ones expanded relationships with us. H1 now works with 7 of the world’s top 10 pharma companies, and several leading academic medical centers (Columbia, UPenn, and others). Our network now includes data on 10M healthcare professionals, 160M peer-reviewed publications, 350,000 clinical trials and 8B medical claims. We are well on our way to becoming the world’s single source of truth for healthcare data.

Some Highlights from 2021

  • H1 launched Trial Landscape, a robust global platform to understand principal investigator profiles and clinical trial sites for access expansion to therapeutic options for patients. Trial Landscape also helps healthcare organizations comply with new FDA guidelines related to physician and patient diversity in clinical trials.
  • We acquired Carevoyance, a targeting, sales enablement, and physician segmentation platform for medical device sellers. The acquisition enabled H1 to expand its presence in the medical device market, and allowed Carevoyance – which has also shown rapid growth to include H1’s proprietary data in its product offering to provide more value to clients.
  • H1’s co-founder Ariel Katz was honored by Forbes in its annual 30 Under 30 list of emerging business leaders.
  • We won several other awards, including Forbes Best Startup Employers, a PM360 Innovative Product Award for Trial Landscape, GrowJo – 500 Fastest Growing Companies in New York City 2021: Top Startups, and NYC Digital Health 100 2021.
  • We announced a new $100M Series C round of funding in November, bringing our total amount raised to $171M. We’re investing those funds in the expansion of its data and network, product development and hiring.

We also grew to have 400+ people working on our customers’ behalf around the world. Our leadership team grew significantly as well, and we’ve been able to attract an impressive roster of industry professionals including:

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  • Ziad Ismail, former CPO of Convoy and Marchex, joined as H1’s Chief Operating Officer.
  • Traunza Adams, former OODA Health Chief People Officer, joined as H1’s Chief People Officer.
  • Karen Moran, former SVP of Strategic Finance of Alteryx, has joined as Chief Financial Officer.
  • Mayur Thakur, former head of Surveillance Engineering at Goldman Sachs, has joined as Chief Data Officer.

We also added two new board members: former Dropbox CIO Sylvie Veilleux, and former LinkedIn Vice President Mike Derezin.

H1 has the solid foundation, product portfolio and leadership team required to scale – our goal is to make H1 the core global healthcare network for every medical professional and organization in the world.

We are grateful for the team who have fueled our success, the customers who have placed their confidence in us, and the investors who have advised us well and joined the journey. Wishing you and yours the best for 2022!

Ariel Katz and Ian Sax, Co-founders, H1

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