H1 Launches New Solution Empowering Doctors to Find Global Health Opportunities

Born from H1’s 2023 initiative to recruit and deploy doctors to the Middle East, the platform connects doctors to NGOs for medical missions worldwide.

NEW YORK, April 4, 2024H1, the leading platform for global healthcare data with a database of 10M+ healthcare professional profiles, today announced a new module within its H1 Connect platform designed to connect doctors interested in global medical missions with the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) supporting these humanitarian efforts. With a renewed focus on building a robust global health network, H1 Connect leverages H1’s extensive network of 250+ life sciences companies, healthcare entities, and NGOs to connect doctors with various global health opportunities worldwide. The solution enables doctors to build their own profiles, access global health training and resources through H1’s partners, collaborate with like-minded medical peers, and apply to join NGO “ready reserve” rosters or specific medical missions via a marketplace of global health opportunities.

Doctors often want to get involved during times of crisis, but finding volunteer opportunities that match their skill sets and interests takes significant effort. H1 Connect simplifies the process by allowing doctors to create a profile in less than five minutes and automatically find and connect with volunteer initiatives. Tapping into H1’s network of NGOs, doctors can swiftly apply to join specific rosters and access global health opportunities—ranging from providing clinical decision support in Zambia to engaging in emergency response work in Gaza.

Likewise, NGOs encounter the same problem from the opposite direction—they need qualified and vetted healthcare professionals, but struggle to find doctors who are willing to volunteer at the time of need. As a result, these organizations are forced to recruit doctors via word of mouth or relying on their existing networks. Now, NGOs, such as Save the Children, can leverage H1 Connect to build a “ready reserve” roster by posting an application to join a program that is instantaneously visible to thousands of vetted healthcare professionals.

H1 kicked off its initiative to connect doctors with global medical missions after the October 7, 2023, terrorist attack in Israel that escalated into a full-scale regional conflict. Immediately, H1 tapped into its comprehensive community of healthcare professionals to find, recruit, and deploy doctors to help treat the thousands of casualties overwhelming Israeli hospitals. After the full-scale war launched in Gaza, H1 then connected with emergency medical teams to assist with staffing their rosters for medical missions to the region. H1 Connect has successfully enlisted thousands of doctors from around the world eager to extend their global health reach, and has placed dozens on medical missions with NGOs with even more on reserve rosters.

“We couldn’t stand by on the sidelines and watch the catastrophe unfold in the Middle East. So, we reached out to every doctor on our platform and asked them if they wanted to volunteer knowing there was an immediate need in both Israel and Gaza,” said Ariel Katz, H1’s co-founder and CEO. “We believe global health issues must be addressed wherever they are found. We don’t take sides and we leave the politics out of it.”

“In the midst of a humanitarian crisis, physicians with specialized skills and experience are needed on the front lines,” said Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, Director of the Global Health Delivery Project at Harvard University and Chair of H1’s Medical Advisory Committee. ”H1 has a global platform to recruit and reach out to physicians across the globe. It is essential to respond and prepare ready reserves for medical missions.”

“H1 has been a pleasure to work with, and we are very excited by the potential for H1 to support our Emergency Health Unit (EHU) roster management,” said Simen Berger, EHU Roster Manager at Save the Children, an international NGO H1 has supported with healthcare professional recruitment since January 2024. “We want the healthcare professionals on our roster to have prior medical mission experience with other NGOs. H1’s platform allows healthcare professionals to gain that experience by presenting them with opportunities to join multiple rosters and medical missions from a diverse group of NGOs.”

“My experience with H1 was amazing. They connected me with a hospital in Israel, took care of all the logistics, and supported me throughout the process,” said Dr. Noa Schwartz, a rheumatologist from New York who used H1 to volunteer at Herzog Hospital in Jerusalem. “They made me feel at ease, and knowing that they ‘had my back’ was very reassuring.”

The H1 Connect platform serves a dual purpose: it provides a gateway for doctors who wish to tap into the expanding number of global health opportunities aggregated by H1 through its partners, while also offering NGOs and healthcare institutions the opportunity to connect directly with H1’s qualified healthcare professionals. To get started, visit https://h1.co/solutions/h1-connect/.

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