New Look, Same Commitment!

I’m excited to officially unveil the new branding and website our team has been working on for several months. This new branding comes with much thought and consideration, and reflects our vision to create a healthier future for everyone, globally.

Healthcare is about people. More so than all other industries, healthcare is about people. Everyday, our team shows up to find new and innovative ways to connect data and technology to the needs of our customers who are trying to advance medicine and health outcomes.

Going one level deeper, we understood this year that our focus here at H1 is using those connections in data and technology to connect the world with the right doctors. Doctors are the axis of our healthcare system and the nucleus for how we experience healthcare and how we make decisions about the care we need.

Case Study: Composable Intelligence for Key Opinion Leader Strategy and Engagement
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When H1 first started, we focused on connecting life science companies to the right doctors from Research and Development to Commercialization. Over the last couple of years we’ve strategically evolved and expanded our capabilities to help patients find the best doctor for them, helping doctors learn what their peers think about the latest research, and helping Medical Device companies connect with the right doctor. This expansion has opened up new markets and use cases making it clear that a consolidated brand would further strengthen our company and better communicate our positioning as a leader in the healthcare data and intelligence space.

With the largest and most comprehensive online doctor platform today powering over 250 healthcare organizations in 80 countries we believe our new brand and face to the world better reflects how H1 is helping connect the world to the right doctors and impacting the lives of patients everywhere.

Every day we’re working to create a healthier future and you can learn more about it at

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