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Accelerating all phases of the sales cycle.

The medical device industry makes an enormous number of products – ranging from surgical gloves and artificial joints to imaging equipment – and plays a crucial role in developing new medical technologies that can improve the ability to diagnose and treat illness.

The industry is distinctive both for its tendencies to make frequent, incremental changes to its products and its extensive ties with physicians.

The market dynamics for medical devices can vary greatly depending on the device. Commercial and Market Access teams, now more than ever, need to understand the competitive landscape, build territories based on real-world data like claims, and establish trusted relationships with HCPs to get vital therapies to patients faster. Yet, they are hamstrung.

Without robust claims data, intelligent analytics that drive valuable insights, and automation to accelerate medtech marketing and sales approaches, commercial teams spend too much time chasing data, manually aggregating, charting and prepping, and guesstimating vs. knowing.

We’ve solved these challenges by building modular products that apply intelligent analytics to our vast commercial and Medicare claims data that comprise 9+ billion claims touching 175m+ annual patient lives, representing approximately 60-85% of the overall market.

Use Cases

  • Find and segment all participants in your patients’ care.
  • Understand the treatment landscape to best deploy your resources.
  • Empower your sales organization with the highest quality sales tools.
  • Understand market dynamics in your own delivery area to position your product.
  • Drive high-impact conversations with healthcare professionals and administrators with approved custom sales collateral.
  • Create and manage sales territories and align your team to the best opportunities.
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We empower commercial teams & market access teams within medical device companies to engage more meaningfully with their customers.

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How We Help

Medical Device Sales

Propel medtech sales forward with automatic and optimized data-driven targeting, segmentation, territory planning, and custom reporting.

Enable your salesforce to understand the level of need and impact of therapy at every account before the first conversation.

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Medical Device Marketing

Discover the competitive dynamics in each market and gain turnkey insights into your total addressable market (TAM).

Leverage the most connected data ecosystem to visualize national trends, therapy leaders, patient flow patterns, and more, identifying new and relevant opportunities in medtech marketing.

Regulatory Teams

Streamline and expedite Sunshine Act Reporting.

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Industry Benefits

Data bank

Intelligent Data Synthesis

Intelligent Data Synthesis

We deliver access to more than four million healthcare provider profiles across 4,500 hospitals and health systems, representing over 175 million patients annually in one platform.


Automated Insight Democratization

Automated Insight Democratization

We generate intelligent insights to expand your TAM and boost medtech sales efforts by focusing on opportunities that promote the most effective patient outcomes.


Geospatial By Design

Geospatial By Design

Our solutions can search, filter, and analyze markets up to the ZIP code-level detail to create balanced regional territory segmentation for your medtech marketing plan.

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Comprehensive Data Visualizations

Comprehensive Data Visualizations

We process billions of data points to create bespoke, visually compelling presentations to efficiently support strategic sales conversations that drive market influence and ROI.

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Campaign Planning

Campaign Planning
  • H1 offers customizable analytics and reporting to reveal actual patient volumes, economic impact, and the dynamics of healthcare with in-platform reporting.
  • Sales teams can share best practices and create instant data-driven prospecting reports.
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Territory Mapping

Territory Mapping
  • Deep patient-centric analysis, enabling teams to precisely identify primary and secondary healthcare providers and outreach targets.
  • Teams only see medtech marketing and sales-qualified opportunities inside their personalized territories, generating customized collateral.

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies

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“With Carevoyance, I was able to dive into the hospital’s business. We are perceived more as consultants than just as another sales rep. In fact, after the meeting, I had both the CEO and CFO reach out separately thanking me for the (Carevoyance) analysis.”

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