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Access to Research Evaluations and Recommendations by a Community of Experts

Not all medical research is created equal. One of the biggest challenges for healthcare professionals (HCPs), labs, institutions, and biopharma companies today is finding the most relevant, high-quality research in a timely manner.

The volume of medical literature is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, the quality of many search databases with research repositories is not.

We are responding to the calls for more universal access to research communications and assessment by offering the only platform that seamlessly combines the opinions of world-class experts with bibliometric data to assess research and medical literature both quantitatively and quantitatively. We are a gathering place for the medical and scientific community to contribute to the most finely curated body of scientific knowledge and disseminate expert opinions on the latest medical advances.

Use Cases

  • Conduct simple or advanced literature searches through an intelligent tool that uses artificial intelligence to recommend articles that are most relevant to the user.
  • Automatically receive additional relevant, preprint or published articles.
  • Discover the articles of greatest importance and impact in your field, as selected by our network of clinical experts and researchers.
  • Sign up for email alerts and receive notifications of important developments in selected areas.
  • Participate in a community of over 8,000 experts in the life sciences and medicine who provide comment, opinion, and validation of key papers and clinical trials in their field.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of medical breakthroughs to improve patient outcomes around the world.
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We accelerate clinical impact of groundbreaking research across the healthcare ecosystem.

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How We Help

Medical Affairs

Find and follow experts in your field to discover their insights and recommendations.

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Researchers & Scientists

Gain exclusive access to the opinions of leading scientists as they assess the impact of research findings on both your core fields of interest and neighboring fields.

Receive prime recommendations highlighting the articles you can’t afford to miss, saving you time finding the most important papers.

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

Join a dynamic community that connects HCPs with their peers and medical research thought leaders with insights from bench-to-bedside, democratizing access to expert opinions and analysis, encouraging scientific discourse, and ultimately improving patient outcomes globally.

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Industry Benefits

Data bank

Depth of Expertise

Depth of Expertise

Read expert reviews by more than 8000 global experts, including Nobel Laureates, Lasker award winners, and medical experts across an array of therapeutic areas and indications.


Clinical Trial Evaluations

Clinical Trial Evaluations

Bypass the struggle to aggregate and analyze scattered clinical trial data. Quickly search for and integrate relevant findings into daily practice.


Accelerated Adoption of New Therapies and Protocols

Accelerated Adoption of New Therapies and Protocols

Move medicine forward by participating in a global scientific community convening to review, discuss, and disseminate the most impactful advances in therapies, devices, and treatments.

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies

Trusted by over 250+ leading companies

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Customer Quotes

“The thing that’s missing from a lot of online publications is the role of interpreter who is an expert in the field and who objectively puts things in the right perspective. H1 Connect provides this missing link through the voices of its broad and diverse faculty.”

Edward J. Benz, Jr. President

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

“There are not enough hours in the day to read all the papers in my area of research. I trust the H1 Connect recommendations to point me to the key studies. These expert reviews help me prioritize which papers to read and trust.”

Senior Principal Scientist

Top 10 Pharma Company

“I find H1 Connect useful for three main reasons: identifying key papers in areas outside my own; highlighting papers in journals that I don’t normally read; and providing confirmation by an expert of a paper I have read (i.e. a second opinion).”

Martin Raff, University College London

Fellow of the Royal Society

“With H1 Connect, I have absolute confidence that I am passing on a highly curated document that has real weight behind it. It’s incredibly satisfying to know that the research I’ve found, and shared, will ultimately aid problem solving and decision making.”

Judy Stribling, Medical Librarian

Weill Cornell Medicine