Enable Medical Device Sales with Patient Journey Data to Improve Segmentation, Targeting, and Prospect Engagement.

Synthesize claims data within an on-the-go platform to improve targeting, segmentation, content creation for prospect engagements. Quickly gain visibility into your market and high-value opportunities to strategically map out resources to support growth.

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Carevoyance Customer-Reported Outcomes


Meeting acceptance rate


Reduction of CRM provider directory error rates from 33.4%


Customized physician reports created during 8-week campaigns


Hours saved on administrative tasks and manual content creation

“Without Carevoyance, finding the right targets was like finding a needle in a haystack. It was time-consuming and required so much effort to yield a single result. Carevoyance has allowed us to get back to what we do best instead of focusing on all of the nitty gritty.”

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Get Insights Based on Vast Commercial & Medicare Claims Data

9B+ claims

175M+ annual patient lives

De-identified longitudinal patient data for both Medicare and commercial payers

Accelerate Commercial Success by Focusing on the Most Relevant Opportunities

Access patient-centric analytics to identify primary and secondary healthcare providers, facilities and outreach targets

Support Strategic Sales Conversations

Distill billions of healthcare claims into bespoke, visually compelling sales presentations

Create Disease and Treatment Care Clusters and Patient Cohorts

Includes claims from commercial and government payers in the U.S.

All care settings, including telehealth and Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Charge & revenue data linked to claims for deeper cost analysis

Carevoyance Is a Claims Analytics Engine, Flexible Reporting Platform, and Multi-Modal Presentation Framework

Carevoyance’s two modules, Omniscience and Territory Manager, comprise the sales acceleration engine that automates all phases of the sales cycle undertaken by commercial teams, generating intelligent, data-driven targeting, sales enablement, and physician segmentation insights and assets.

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Provides team-based workflows, analysis, and reporting capabilities that empower your commercialization team to uncover new insights and develop actionable, measurable processes that help you grow your market.

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Territory Manager

Discovers doctors and hospitals that perform relevant procedures and treat your target patients while enabling your medical device sales teams with insights for more relevant prospecting and meeting preparation and marketing teams with efficiency in distributing market data.

The Carevoyance suite allows customers to:

  • Target, segment, and connect with the right physicians and hospital admins
  • Understand the treatment landscape & market dynamics for your treatment
  • Drive digital transformation & data-driven decisions
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Value Add Features

Intelligent Data Synthesis
Intelligent Data Synthesis

Enable users to identify the most relevant use cases for prospects through automated connected analysis of claims and healthcare data.

Automated Insight Democratization
Automated Insight Democratization

Generate intelligent insights to expand your total addressable market and boost sales efforts by targeting opportunities focusing on impactful patient outcomes.

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Geospatial by Design
Geospatial by Design

Search, filter and analyze markets up to ZIP code-level detail to create balanced regional territory segmentation for commercial teams.

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Comprehensive Data Visualizations
Comprehensive Data Visualizations

Create bespoke, visually compelling presentations to efficiently support strategic sales conversations that drive impact and ROI.

Customer Benefits

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Achieve and surpass revenue goals:

  • Quickly uncover and reach your total addressable market.
  • Identify the most relevant use cases for each prospect and promote the most compelling patient outcomes.
  • Segment by procedures, diagnoses, industry ties, and hundreds of other criteria in seconds.
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Strengthen strategic sales conversations

  • Automatically distill insights from billions of HC claims into bespoke, visually compelling sales presentations.
  • Integrate additional data and insights into your established sales workflow and CRM.
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Free commercial teams to focus on customer relationships

  • Transform commercial conversations from transactional to consultative. By presenting data to target the discussion around your therapy and its impact on patient outcomes and financial metrics.
  • Produce easy-to-understand, automatically generated sales presentations personalized for your prospect and therapy, giving your sales teams more time to sell.
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Seamlessly drive compliance:

  • Streamline and expedite Sunshine Act Reporting.
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Real world evidence. Real world data. Real world impact.

Today, medical device and pharmaceutical companies alike depend on clinical evidence regarding the usage and potential benefits or risks of a medical product — derived from analysis of real world data — to make decisions about what to launch, how to launch, and to whom to launch.

Claims-based intelligence is a key source of real world data that provides meaningful intelligence around how HCPs are using novel drugs and therapies and how their patient population is responding to those therapies. This information is key to helping medical device and pharmaceutical companies accelerate all phases of the sales cycle undertaken by commercial teams, generating data-driven targeting, sales enablement, and physician segmentation insights and assets.

Carevoyance flexes billions of data points to deliver the most comprehensive targeting, segmentation, and territory planning insights:

  • Nearly 10 billion claims across U.S., Europe, and globally
  • Patient data on close to 250 million patients
  • Patient diversity data from over 2 million HCPs

Market access teams can finally focus on developing meaningful relationships with targeted KOLs and HCPs to accelerate delivery of critical therapies to the patients who need them most.