Sales Territory Planning & Marketing

Leverage claims and patient journey insights to accelerate time to market and improve sales territory planning.

The work of marketing and sales personnel at medical device and medtech companies is growing increasingly complex. As the customer journey gets more convoluted, accurate customer journey mapping and sales territory planning become increasingly important.

Manual sales territory planning efforts are unsustainable.

Researching your total addressable market, understanding each prospect’s body of work and specific interests, and fine tuning your presentations for each meeting can require an inordinate amount of time. And as a wider variety of data sources become available to inform your pharmaceutical, medical device, or medical technology sales strategy, the time needed to manually sift through fragmented data to identify relevant information becomes overwhelming.

Connecting with your prospects and customers is essential.

Large medtech and medical device companies face stiff challenges maintaining a favorable rate of return for investors, while small-to-medium-sized companies are struggling simply to get market traction. These challenges put tremendous pressure on sales and marketing teams to develop and maintain a winning medtech and medical device sales strategy.

Our intelligent automation allows market access teams to focus more of their time on higher-value activities, including developing meaningful relationships with targeted key opinion leaders (KOLs) and healthcare professionals (HCPs) to accelerate delivery of critical therapies to the patients who need them most.

Continuously updated. Ever expanding. Always intelligent.

H1 brings intelligent automation to the work of pharmaceutical, medtech, and medical device sales territory planning. We combine machine learning and human intervention to make available tools that greatly simplify and accelerate the efforts undertaken to identify, engage, and convert prospects.

With H1 you can:

Leverage geospatial analysis of facilities and physicians performing services to better understand where territory boundaries should be to ensure success and fairness.

Tap into real world data-driven analysis of patients & claims around customers’ products and services to get the most accurate picture of both the addressed and the unaddressed markets.

Automate the process of synthesizing and analyzing complex HCP, patient journey, and claims data to provide insight-driven targeting segmentation, territory planning, and custom reporting.

Find, engage, and convert healthcare providers more effectively.

Ways Medical Device companies benefit from H1 for Sales Territory Planning

Empowered Sales Teams

Empowered Sales Teams

We help your salesforce understand the level of need and impact of your therapy at every account before the first conversation. We deliver distilled intelligence, ROI and auto-generated sales presentations based on the buyer profile to create a dynamic medical device sales strategy.

Relevant Insights

Relevant Insights

We distill billions of data points to deliver the most comprehensive targeting, segmentation, and sales territory planning insights to medical device, medtech, and pharmaceutical sales and marketing teams.

Customized Sales Territory Plans

Customized Sales Territory Plans

We eliminate distractions by giving sellers easy access to marketing & sales-qualified opportunities exclusively within a personalized sales territory plan and empower them to generate content to drive impactful interactions with those healthcare providers.