Key Opinion Leader: Dr. Morie Gertz’s Impact on Hematology & Oncology

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Who Is Dr. Morie Gertz?

Dr. Morie Gertz is a leading healthcare professional whose specialty is oncology and hematology. Dr. Gertz works at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and is the Chair of General Internal Medicine. He has worked in the myeloma space for over thirty years. Dr. Gertz has received a variety of awards, including these (listed on the Mayo Clinic’s website) Excellence in Leadership Award (2008), Bernard L. Schwartz Lecture (2010), Roland Seidler Jr. Professor of Medicine (2010), Master American College Physicians (2010), Jan Waldenstrom Medal for Medical and Scientific Achievements in Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia in Parliament (2014), and the Research Career Achievement Award, Mayo Clinic Department of Medicine (2019).

What Is His Specialty?

Dr. Gertz specializes in hematology and oncology. According to the Mayo Clinic, his research interests include primary amyloidosis, stem cell transplantation in the treatment of multiple myeloma, amyloidosis and Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia.

What Work Is He Currently Doing?

Dr. Gertz is currently the Chair of Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. He is currently leading two clinical trials, one of which is regarding the conditions of Recurrent Plasma Cell Myeloma and Refractory Plasma Cell Myeloma; the other is about Multiple Myeloma.

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Social Media Presence

Dr. Gertz maintains an active social media presence, with various Twitter engagements and 2,661 followers. On LinkedIn, Dr. Gertz has 500+ connections. From his contributions and studies, Dr. Gertz has 2,200 total social media mentions.

What Is His Research Background?

Dr. Gertz has co-authored a total of 1,465 publications throughout the span of his tenure so far. He has participated in twenty clinical trials. The top conditions for those trials have been Multiple Myeloma and Plasma Cell Neoplasm, and the top interventions for the trials were cyclophosphamide, dexamethasone, and lenalidomide.


H1 appreciates and celebrates Dr. Gertz’s hard work in oncology, hematology and the impact that his research has had in the medical field. On the Mayo Clinic’s page for Dr. Gertz, they mention that “the research findings of Dr. Gertz will lead to improved treatment for amyloidosis and multiple myeloma.” We excitedly await additional updates from his trials, his work, and his positive impact in the hematology and oncology space, and we thank him for his contributions. You can find in-depth information about healthcare providers like Dr. Gertz in the HCP Universe database.

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