H1 Expands HCP Universe to Help Medical Affairs Understand and Track the Impact of Their Activities, Drive Adherence to Evidence-based Medicine, and Improve Patient Outcomes

New features provide real-time updates on the impact medical affairs teams are having on the HCP and HCO community to close clinical care gaps.

New York, NY – March 21, 2023H1, the connecting force for global healthcare provider, clinical, science, and research information, today announced new features and services to augment its AI-powered solution HCP Universe. HCP Universe serves as the leading source of truth on healthcare provider (HCP) information for more than 250 healthcare organizations, including top pharmaceutical companies looking to connect with thought-leading HCPs.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the approach that patient care and clinical decisions should be informed by the best available and most recent scientific evidence gathered from clinical trials, along with clinical experience and patient preference. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, evidence-based medicine is the cornerstone of clinical practice and can improve patient outcomes and quality of care. Yet, despite the benefits, adoption of evidence-based medicine remains low. HCP Universe will enable medical affairs teams to successfully engage HCPs and measure how their efforts are changing clinical behavior and improving patient outcomes.

“Evidence-based medicine is the discerning use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of patients,” according to Dr. Rebecca Weintraub, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School. “The practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating the best available clinical evidence with clinical expertise. This begins with stakeholder collaboration on how the evidence is compiled, shared and evaluated.”

Now, medical affairs teams can discover and interact with healthcare organizations with low adherence to evidence-based medicine; identify the HCPs that present the greatest opportunity for education; create a plan to educate them about the latest research and therapies; and map the impact of this work by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) including share of scientific voice and sentiment.

H1’s advanced machine learning models drive predictive analytics and insights, enabling Medical Affairs teams to:

  1. Identify HCPs with low evidence-based practice by analyzing vast amounts of data to identify clinical care gaps, compute clinical quality scores, and measure patient outcomes.
  2. Identify the best key opinion leaders, digital opinion leaders, and rising stars who can drive adherence to the latest medicine and close education gaps by automatically mining social media activity, the latest research and publications, and more.
  3. Use the latest AI-based technology to easily access data across HCP Universe, integrate with internal CRM and client systems, and create personalized, actionable insights to drive impactful engagement with HCPs. This can be done directly in the platform or via an intuitive mobile app that provides reminders of meetings and past conversations, and an updated feed containing influencers’ most recent activities.
  4. Leverage an omnichannel approach to engage stakeholders with H1’s doctor network, to quickly and easily discover the most up-to-date, recommended research in the medical and life sciences fields, based on the opinions of subject matter experts who have personally reviewed and evaluated the literature.
  5. Understand the impact of medical strategies and engagements by tracking how the landscape is changing over time with an intuitive depiction of key performance indicators (KPIs), including Scientific Share of Voice, Sentiment, Clinical behavior and outcomes, and Quality Score Improvements.

“Not only are we on a mission to connect the world with the right doctors, but we are also on a mission to improve adherence to evidence-based medicine,” said Ariel Katz, CEO and co-founder of H1. “We share this mission with our pharmaceutical clients – they want HCPs to follow guidelines-based medicine and adopt their therapies. We want the same because it will improve patient outcomes, quality of life, and access to equitable healthcare. By the end of 2024, we believe that companies using HCP Universe can increase adherence to evidence-based medicine by as much as 20%.”

HCP Universe harnesses the power of healthcare information to deliver 360-degree insights on more than 10 million HCPs and KOLs, their clinical and scientific work, industry collaborations, spheres of influence, and social media thought leadership. H1 works with over 250 leading healthcare companies globally including top pharma and supports projects across six continents.

Representatives from H1 will be at the upcoming MAPS 2023 Global Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, March 26-29. For more information on how H1 can help Medical Affairs track and measure impact, visit us here or to request a meeting with H1 during an upcoming conference, contact [email protected].

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