Research Collection: Breast Cancer

Our series of Faculty Opinions Essential Reading collections continues with a focus this time on Breast Cancer research.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, with a new diagnosis every 14 seconds. This makes it one of the most significant health issues in existence today.

Scientists and researchers have been able to discover much about breast cancer, which has in turn contributed to our ability to develop better diagnostic methods and more effective treatment options over time.

Case Study: Composable Intelligence for Key Opinion Leader Strategy and Engagement
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Our Faculty has identified and assessed the most impactful research across all areas of this disease and has provided their reading recommendations. These articles cover everything from causative factors to drug design, diagnosis, prevention, and care.

All recommendations and articles are fully searchable and can be filtered and sorted by:

  • Keywords and phrases
  • Discipline
  • Thematic classifications (e.g. changes clinical practice)
  • Article type
  • Pre-prints
  • Publication date
  • Rankings and other metrics

Keeping You Up-to-date

The collection will be constantly reviewed and updated to ensure you never miss a key piece of Breast Cancer research either in your own or adjacent field of research as the field progresses.

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