Nearly 50% More Medical Device Market Growth

Powerful Sales Growth with H1’s Carevoyance

Sales history can provide a wealth of data to inform future strategy. Looking at past sales trends can reveal markets that have a higher propensity for investment in medical devices, allowing you to identify areas of potential growth.

Analyzing the sales performance of particular products and procedures can also help to identify which hospitals are most likely to invest in new technology

As competition in the medical devices market intensifies, understanding the sales history of medical devices can provide invaluable insights into which markets are most likely to invest in new technology. By analyzing the sales data of past procedures, med tech sales and medical devices sales teams can uncover trends that will inform future territory planning and enable them to better understand where to focus their resources.

In this case study, our client grew their estimated market share more than 45% percent since partnering with H1’s Carevoyance.

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