CRO & Site Selection Strategies – Opportunities for AI, Data & Tech in 2024

Towards Health, an H1 Podcast

This episode marks an exciting collaboration with ICON, featuring pivotal insights from Travis Caudill, Vice President of Feasibility and Clinical Informatics at ICON, and Ryan Brown, a thought leader in the clinical trial arena from H1.

The landscape of clinical trials is swiftly evolving, driven by advancements in AI, data, and technology. Our discussion centers on how these breakthroughs can significantly refine Clinical Research Organization (CRO) processes and site selection strategies, promising to revolutionize clinical trials’ efficiency and inclusivity.

Join Travis Caudil and Ryan Brown as they uncover the future of clinical trials, significantly enhanced by AI and technology.

  • Reflecting on Progress and Looking Ahead: Gain an insider view of the significant takeaways from 2023 and what the future holds for harnessing data for pioneering clinical trials in 2024.
  • Elevating Diversity Through Technology: Examine the pivotal roles technology plays in expanding the horizons of site selection to foster more inclusive and representative clinical trials.
  • Deciphering AI’s True Impact: Join us for a deep dive into the ongoing debate surrounding AI’s potential to revolutionize clinical trials, distinguishing between the optimistic hype and the practical realities.

Watch the full podcast below: