5 Steps to Finding the Right Institutions & Principal Investigators for Phase I Trials

As pharma companies begin planning their phase I trials, they should keep diversity goals top of mind. Finding the right institutions and principal investigators helps advance health equity for all. Here are 5 steps to achieving greater diversity in clinical trials.

Step 1: Start with Inclusion

Inclusion is the precursor to building trust between patients and doctors and the bridge leading to a more equitable healthcare system for all. Clinical operations and feasibility teams have begun to shift their approach to ensure trials are run by a more diverse group of researchers.

chart showing minority groups enrolled in clinical trials

Percentage of minority groups enrolled in clinical trials as determined by JAMA Network Open study released in 2021.

Step 2: Build a Holistic Approach to Diversity Planning

H1 uses a cross-functional approach to get a holistic understanding of trialists. By looking at diversity insights generated from more than census and publicly available data, you can build more accurate profiles for Sites and Principal Investigators most likely to fit your business needs.

hcp diversity graphic

Step 3: Incorporate Robust Data Points

patient, provider and trial site attributes graphic

Step 4: Establish a Diversity Baseline

diversity baseline graphic

Step 5: Visualize Data for Faster Decision Making

Layer and visualize patient, PI, and Site cohorts to support data driven decision making. Data visualization allows you to see potential PIs and sites based on location and proximity to patient clusters and much more.

united states map of diversity landscape

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