H1 Acquires Faculty Opinions: Making Research More Accessible

When I started H1, I had one purpose in mind: to create a healthier future. Naturally, the next question most people ask is, “how does H1 do that?”

We do this by harnessing information on every doctor around the globe, including their opinions on groundbreaking science and medical research. By surfacing these opinions, academic medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies, just to name a few, can accelerate their efforts to get the latest treatments and therapies to market and improve the health of millions of patients around the world.

Enter Faculty Opinions

There are many synergies between H1 and Faculty Opinions. Formerly known as F1000, Faculty Opinions is the place where top scientists and medical professionals go to comment and discuss breakthrough biology and medicine. The company has built a strong community of key opinion leaders, or as they are called, Faculty Members, in the life sciences and medical research communities, including Nobel Laureates, Lasker award winners and fellows of national scientific academies.

Faculty Opinions currently has over 190,000 individual recommended articles from over 4,000 journals. The Faculty Members recommend and share their opinion on the top 1% of the biomedical literature indexed in PubMed, and their recommendations are read by individuals in many of the world’s leading institutions to improve and accelerate research.

Faculty Opinions Accelerates H1’s Mission

Together, H1 plus Faculty Opinions is like 1 + 1 = 10. I’m really excited about the impact we will make together. This union provides a unique opportunity to significantly enhance our value and our expansive network; but more importantly making Faculty Opinions content visible across all of the markets we serve. Our users will be able to discover the newest and most promising research findings, develop cutting-edge ideas, and seamlessly collaborate with key opinion leaders to improve medicine, scientific research and, most importantly, patient care.

Wouldn’t you want to know what the top doctor thinks about the medicine you are taking? I would.