1:1 with H1 – Past the Podium

H1 recently hosted an episode of our industry webinar series, 1:1 with H1 — Past the Podium: The Future Tech Stack for KOL Engagement.

Medical Affairs and medical science liaisons (MSLs) are highly visible and important roles that have faced significant obstacles in recent years trying to engage new and emerging healthcare providers (HCPs) and find previously undiscovered key opinion leaders (KOLs) while bringing strategic, data-driven value to their organizations.

How can technology advance the future and function of Medical Affairs within their organizations?

In this informative session, we explored current technologies on the horizon and next-gen innovation that can help drive better metrics and success for Medical Affairs and MSLs. We also looked at a new generation of KOLs–how they’re defined and new strategies for refreshing and building lists using AI-powered thought leader discovery tools.

From AI to machine learning, see what’s on the horizon to find the next promising thought leaders.

Led by H1’s Director of Product Marketing, Alexandra Moens and Director of Product Management, Laura Taylor, the webinar covered:

1) The pandemic and technology’s effect on the role and function of medical science liaisons (MSLs) and Medical Affairs

2) Best practices for and use of next gen technology and data to support these efforts and surface insights that can support finding the treatment leaders, the right experts, uncut GEMS (General Experts and Meaningful Stars), rising stars, diversity insights, centers of excellence, networks of influence.

Watch the webinar: