Top 4 Challenges in KOL Engagement

Survey says: MSLs still struggle to engage and find the right key influencers and medical experts. As ongoing trends and unplanned global events continue to push healthcare into a more digital and virtual space, building relationships with medical experts and key opinion leaders (KOLs) has become more complex as well.

Medical Affairs teams and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) must be able to successfully source KOLs and build meaningful, long-term relationships with them in order to support their business goals, improve patient outcomes and more, as their roles continue to expand. Our latest industry report outlines how many MSLs are faring in a post-COVID world and how they’re learning to find integrated strategies to increase meaningful engagements.

In collaboration with the Medical Science Liaison Society, we surveyed more than 200 MSLs to find out:

  • Why are integrated KOL engagement plans so important?
  • What makes implementing these plans so challenging?
  • How can these MSL challenges be addressed?

This report steps through the commonly identified barriers to success and explores why connected data is the foundation of meaningful, integrated KOL engagement. Download the report now for a better understanding of how to build a winning engagement strategy.