U.S. Pharma Marketing Team Partners with H1 to Expand Cardiorenal KOL Mapping and Engagement

The U.S. marketing team of a top 10 pharma company had a commercial speakers bureau of more than 300 healthcare providers (HCPs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs), but they wanted to expand their reach to experts with particular interest and clinical experience in the management of patients with early stages of Cardiorenal Disease (CKD).

To meet this goal, they partnered with H1 to identify potential speakers and for mapping and engaging KOLs who could bring insight and expertise to their commercial initiatives. Through this collaboration, the pharma marketing team was able to better understand the thought leadership landscape for CKD and create a refined list of KOLs and HCPs that could help them achieve their strategic objectives in trial site feasibility and success, trial recruitment, diversity, bringing drugs to market, and patient populations.

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