Big Data, Health Equity and The Future of Clinical Trials

How can one clinical trial solve the problem of health equity? The answer is, it can’t be alone. But it’s a step. This is a big question – as trials become more timely, complex and more costly, how can data/analytics impact these factors for the better?

Listen to episode 8 of the H1 Podcast, Towards Health, as we are joined by guests Meredith Dees and Todd Johnson from Lokavant.

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss:

  • The more data we have; the more we know; and sometimes the more disparate the data can be as well as why it’s critical to have a connected and consistent source of data for optimized trials.
  • Why Lokavant and H1 partnered, why that felt like an important partnership, and what role innovation like AI plays in accelerating the quality and timeliness of trial site selection.
  • Why decentralized trials are being called the future of bringing medicines to market faster and in a more equitable way and how data/analytics can amplify these efforts.

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