Big Data, Health Equity and The Future of Clinical Trials

Health Equity in Clinical Trials

How can one clinical trial solve the problem of health equity? The answer is, it can’t alone. But it’s a step.

This is a big question. As trials become more timely, complex and more costly, how can data and analytics impact these factors for the better?

When it comes to regulatory issues, real-time data becomes increasingly important so you can act on risk indicators of significance right away. Without insights from data, identifying issues becomes an extremely manual and time-consuming process. Data also fuels decentralized trials, bringing the trials closer to the people who will benefit from enrolling in them, and making health equity in clinical trials possible.

Listen to episode 8 of the H1 Podcast, Towards Health, as we are joined by guests Meredith Dees and Todd Johnson from Lokavant.

In this episode of the podcast, we discuss:

  • The more data we have; the more we know; and sometimes the more disparate the data can be as well as why it’s critical to have a connected and consistent source of data for optimized trials.
  • Why Lokavant and H1 partnered, why that felt like an important partnership, and what role innovation like AI plays in accelerating the quality and timeliness of trial site selection.
  • Why decentralized trials are being called the future of bringing medicines to market faster; how they can positively impact equity in clinical trials; and how data/analytics can amplify these efforts.

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