A U.S. Pharma Team Enhances KOL Lists by 200%

AI-based Workflows and Intelligence for Meaningful Expert Engagement

According to a recent white paper by the Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) about the future of the Medical Affairs role into 2030, expanded audiences of sourced experts will be of critical importance. Medical Affairs teams will have to look outside the same lists they have relied on for years. This means looking to digital opinion leaders, physicians, and scientific leaders.

In this case study, H1’s client, a large U.S. focused medical affairs team, was ready to revitalize their Key Opinion Leader (KOL) engagement strategy.

With the evolution of regulatory barriers around HCPs, academic, and patient communities, uncovering additional KOLs for engagement posed a significant challenge that our client looked to H1 to solve.

Backed by next-gen technology, AI-powered workflows and the depth and breadth of our compliant and comprehensive global HCP database, HCP Universe, H1 was perfectly positioned to take on the challenge.