Towards Health Episode 7: The Key to Customer Success

The Customer Is Always Right?

Thoughts on customer support & success for pharma and life sciences companies

When measuring success, organizations don’t consider solely product outcomes—the vendor relationship is also critical. KLAS has found that vendors who partner with their customers cultivate stronger loyalty among them, even when the product is in need of improvements. This is because vendors have properly managed expectations, communicated the developmental road map and vision, and understood their customers’ goals to help drive outcomes. To define some guidelines around strengthening customer relationships, KLAS interviewed 65 vendors about their customer success management programs.

In this episode of the H1 Podcast – Towards Health – Jocelyn Levin, Senior Customer Success Manager at H1 joins to discuss her thoughts on customer support & success for Pharma and Life Science companies.

Watch to discover:

  • Levin’s background & journey at H1
  • How Levin defines customer success & how this translates through different environments such as B2B, health tech, and health start-ups
  • One of the biggest challenges her clients face when utilizing life science data platforms
  • What Levin considers the differences between customer success, experience, and support
  • Why customer success is important and why it’s important to share the successes with a broader market
  • Why is a defined strategy & collaboration important to building a CS team

View the podcast episode below.