The Role of AI in Healthcare

Towards Health, an H1 Podcast

Welcome back to Towards Health, an H1 podcast. We are excited to bring our podcast back!

This is a special treat for all our listeners – a conversation between H1 Co-founder and CEO, Ariel Katz, and industry experts Craig Lipset and Angela Radcliffe.

As we all know, clinical trials are an essential part of the drug development process. They help determine the safety and efficacy of new treatments, and ultimately, bring life-saving medications to market.

However, the current state of clinical trials is not without its challenges. Long timelines, high costs, and poor participant recruitment are just a few of the issues that plague this critical aspect of healthcare.

Get ready to dive into the world of clinical trials as we discuss the role of AI in healthcare, specifically clinical trials, including:

  • The impact of AI on pharma and how it will revolutionize the way we conduct trials
  • How AI can improve clinical trials by streamlining processes such as patient recruitment and data analysis.
  • Why AI could play a crucial role in making clinical trials more efficient and effective.

But fear not, because our esteemed guests today – Craig Lipset and Angela Radcliffe – are here to shed light on how AI can potentially solve these problems and shape the future of clinical trials.

So grab your headphones and get ready to unlock the future of AI and clinical trials with us!

Watch the full podcast below: