How AI Can Save Medical Affairs from Drowning in Data

Unlocking the Power of AI to Transform MSLs’ HCP Engagement Strategies

A First Word Industry Report

As the pharmaceutical industry shifts to digital-first engagement strategies for medical science liaisons (MSLs), technology is needed to help them maximize their time and efforts. MSLs are increasingly responsible for a variety of tasks, including producing detailed data-driven reports on treatment trends, patient cohorts, HCP engagement plans and more.

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) now available to help them identify and prioritize key insights, MSLs can become better equipped to inform their HCP engagement strategies and develop treatment leader patient cohorts for visual territory mapping.

That’s why AI is so important – it can dramatically streamline the process of gathering insights from large volumes of data while providing valuable personalized intelligence that will help MSLs make informed decisions about their territory mapping and other activities. In this industry report in partnership with First Word Pharma, we explore how AI can be used to create visual territory mapping for MSLs, as well as how it can save medical affairs from drowning in data and unlock new opportunities for success in the digital era.

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