Past the Podium: A New Tech Stack for Medical Affairs

Challenges, Tactics, and Tools Optimizing Technology and Innovation for KOL Engagement

‍In a recent panel discussion, experts from the frontlines of pharma who have worked in Medical Affairs and MSL roles discussed relevant challenges and the shift in both their HCP engagement strategy and what defines measurable impact across larger life sciences and pharma organizations.

‍One finding was that the key to a successful MSL integration is alignment to corporate strategy around the brands that they support. Understanding the strategic imperatives for respective brands is critical, as is framing up Medical Affairs within that strategy to execute effective scientific exchange with the experts they engage.

‍All MSL outreach ultimately needs to be integrated to the extent that an MSL can thoroughly understand the anticipated inflection points or milestones for a brand over a period of time. This can help shape strategy for engaging experts accordingly. As such, it becomes increasingly important to leverage helpful technology like AI; machine learning, analytics, and foundational data tools that can help the MSL surface the right experts to ladder up to the objectives.