Closing Care Gaps in Oncology

How Medical Affairs Can Leverage KOLs to Increase Scientific Share of Voice

One of the most important steps for medical affairs teams when it comes to leveraging KOLs and thought leaders is segmentation. By segmenting KOLs into various categories, such as specialties, therapeutic areas, sub-specialties, and geographical regions, medical teams can ensure that they’re reaching the right people at the right time. This will help to ensure that their voice reaches key stakeholders within that indication.

Pharma can leverage indication-specific strategies to be developed for each medical affairs team’s respective clinical indications within oncology. These strategies should include activities such as fostering relationships with key stakeholders, setting up meaningful collaborations with patient organizations and advocacy groups, creating data-driven insights for HCP decision-making processes related to drug utilization, among many other activities that can help increase scientific share of voice within an indication-specific context.

By taking advantage of segmentation techniques, targeted list building options, as well as developing indication-specific strategies tailored towards individual clinical indications, pharmaceutical companies have a greater chance at not only reaching more experts in the field but also furthering their presence within this rapidly changing landscape.

Learn more about the HCP landscape, targeting and segmentation within medical oncology by downloading our complimentary infographic.