Diversity & Inclusion Insights for Equitable Research

Clinical trial diversity is essential for determining the efficacy and safety of treatments for diverse and underserved patient populations.

At the heart of medical advancement and patient impact lies diversity in clinical trials through better representation of all patient populations. In addition to meeting new FDA guidance for diversity standards, ensuring that people from diverse backgrounds join clinical trials is key to building trust with pharmaceutical brands and achieving health equity.

A Richer Understanding of Diversity Metrics

A top global pharma company needed to quickly analyze and understand the diversity of a list of 170 principal investigators (PIs) they intended to engage for an upcoming study in addition to identifying additional PIs outside of their existing scope of experts.

H1’s Trial Landscape is a 360-degree global clinical trial knowledge-base that helps teams discover diverse physician and patient populations to participate in trials, expand their range and understanding of investigators and institutions and their expertise relevant to areas of interest; and evaluate the clinical landscape.

Learn how this company leveraged Trial Landscape solution to scope and inform a more diverse and inclusive trial design…for both physicians and trial participants. Download the case study below.